Welcome trainers one and all to the world of pokemon! I am Trainer Pink! Im here to guide you on your quest to become the greatest trainers you can be. Here we will go over any and everything pokemon. So please browse through posts and comments and enjoy your stay in my pokemon center~

New Kanto Champion

I just watched the third episode of Pokemon generations with Okami....Green you were awesome! Just what I'd expect from my bestie. Guys, like for real, if you haven't watched it yet you really need to!

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Shorts released today!

I just got this in my fb feed and thought I'd drop it here for everyone. Super excited still!!!!

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Omgomgomgomgomvomgomgomgihfeuddiwhdgduseb!!!!!!!!!!! -foams at mouth and falls over-


Omgomgomgomgomvomgomgomgihfeuddiwhdgduseb!!!!!!!!!!! -foams at mouth and falls over-


Hello trainers! I'm just giving an update on game progress and comic progress. Currently I'm still making the paper children and writing the script. Game wise I'm still leveling ^^;; I'm about to get to mt.Moon though! I'm super excited because in gonna add some twists to the story and you guys will be able to meet one of my oldest friends and favorite Pokemon. Her name has changed a couple of times but her personality has stayed the same. When I find her, I'll let you know~ until then,

Happy training!