I can't believe there isn't a category for The Elder Scrolls games !
They are easily my favorite game series. I've beaten Skyrim, Oblivion, and Arena and I've played Morrowind (though I have yet to beat it).


Skyrim is easily my favorite game . I use to play it on the Xbox 360 but now I play it on pc so I can use mods. My favorite guild is the Dark Brotherhood. My favorite type of character to play is a tie between mage and archer.


I loved this game and played it a LOT in it's day. I thought after Skyrim came out I wouldn't be able to play Oblivion anymore because I liked Skyrim so much better. But I actually played through it again and found I still enjoy it.
My favorite guild is the Dark Brotherhood. My favorite type of character to play is an archer.


I played Morrowind on the Xbox in it's day but I never beat it. Now I've got it on pc but I still haven't beaten it, I haven't even beaten a guild. I want to beat all of the Elder Scrolls games someday but I always struggle with this one.


I have played a little of Daggerfall but I haven't beaten it yet. I only made it past the starting dungeon and then quit. I hope to beat it someday but it will probably take me a while.


I decided to go back and play through Arena because I wanted to have played every Elder Scrolls game since it's my favorite series. At first I didn't think I would make it. The games controls were weird, I got lost a lot, and it was really hard sometimes. But after a ton of training and the use of many online maps, I managed to beat it. I don't think I've ever been as happy to beat a game as I was to beat Arena. The class I played as was spellsword. I don't think I could have made it with any other class.