a begining

well to get you started i will talk about what Terra Morden is. Terra Morden is a world that my Girl Scout Troup came up with on a camping trip last year. we were bord and we let our imagenations take us away. Terra Morden is like the middle ages, but with a twist. there are magical beings. I am an Elf in this story and my name is Meridith Veridean Phillips. I am a rebel and I do not like to do the tasks that the rest of the woman do. I want an adventure and some fun. well, I deff. get an adventure. One day when i was in my family library the guards took we away to the elders of the village.. oh ya my village is called Felanora, it is an elfen village. but like i was saying. the elder council needed a sacerfice to give to the trolls and so, they used me. you see, there is a group of people that no one likes, they are called the Smokayans and they are woriors that like to distroy places. well the elves are not stong and so we made a deal with the trolls that we would give them a sacerfice once a year for their servaces. well i get sent to the trolls and they like to play with their food. i thought that i was a gonner untill a man came and saved me. His name is Lucern. he saved my life and helped me get away.

so we set out unto a town so i could get things fixed and so that we could rest and all but we were not going to stay there long. if any one reconized me, i would be dead. so as i was lost in thought about how to repay lucern for him most gracious deed he always found a way to do something elce nice for me. like i would not let him pay for lunch so he went and paid for dinner. but soon we would be out of town and on our way to someplace elce.

we were in the woods for some time and we did not see any one but soon we saw some people and were about to go see what they wew up to when we realized that 2 of them were Smokayans. when they saw us it was to late Lucern already engaged in battle with them. someone grabed me from behind and out of the way of the guys fighting. them i herd some one yell 'STOP!' and everything went quiet. they explained to us that there was a treaty with the smokayans and there was no need to fight. with that everyone stoped fighting and started a conversation. like why were they all together and why were lucearn and i in the woods. we all introduced ourselves and then decided to go on the journy together. so me, airianna, esmerelda, marianne, john tomas, louis, lucern, and john mica, all headed out together to find the fairy queen, ruler of all the land.