Update on house break-in

Alright guys, update time! No guitar or criminal yet but we did receive some good news on Tuesday. A police officer came to our house to give us a follow-up and told us some very interesting tidbits. First, the same day our house was broken into, a house two streets behind ours was broken into two hours later. Second, my husband gave the officer the serial number to his guitar and they will enter it into a computer system that goes to all the pawn shops in the county. If it's there, it will pop up as "stolen" and they can not sell it. Wherever it is, the pawn shop owner has to alert the police and then the police will give us the guitar back. Third, there has been 6 to 8 other break-in's around the area where we live so the police think they are all related to the same criminal. Last but not least, the police talk to the clerk that works at the Little Cricket across the street from us and she said that one of her regular customers was wearing a very expensive looking watch. Coincidentally, one of the houses that was broken into reported missing a very expensive looking watch. So we are this much closer to getting to the bottom of who broke into our house. Give more info as I get it. Catch ya later!