B-I-G to the Bang!

The last post I did was about how awesome G Dragon is, so this time I'm raving about how awesome the group he is from is. They are called Big Bang and OMG! What is not awesome about them. The beats to their songs could make a dead person dance. The dancing they do in their videos is top notch. And what I like most is even though they are Korean, they sing and rap mostly in English, so it's easy to learn their songs. Oh, did I mention that they all are so adorable? My favorite songs by them are "Gara Gara Go", "La La La", "How Gee" and "VIP" to name a few. My favorite members are T.O.P and of course G Dragon. They are too much for me Anyway, like always, I encourage you to look these guys up and lend them your ears and your hearts. I'm sure you'll fall for them like I have.