For some reason, I just feel like ranting and raving about one of my favorite mangas today. Has anyone ever read I.N.V.U.? If not, I highly recommend reading it. But with everything, there is bad news and good news. I must give you a warning:The story line is addictive, but it takes them forever to translate the story into English. As it stands, the series left off with volume 4 on a nail-bitting cliffhanger. A friend of mine said she's been waiting 5 years for volume 5. The good news is, her's and everyone else's wait is almost up. A little birdie told me that I.N.V.U. volume 5 is coming out in November. I sure hope so, cause I want to know what happens. In the meantime, I'll just reread volumes 1-4 to refresh my memory. Let's just hope that volume 5 is the end or we'll have to wait 5 years again for another volume. STOP TOYING WITH ME!!!