H-E-L-L-O! I'm Tenma-chan! Let's see...some of my favorites:
Food - Anything lol!
Colors - Red, Black, Green
Animal - Cat, Dog, Frog, Panther
Anime - School Rumble, Tora Dora, Eden of the East, Lovely Complex, Bokura Ga Ita
Manga - High School Debut, Monkey High!, Skip Beat, Boys Over Flowers, Yotsuba&
Music - No Doubt, Paramore, BoA, Utada Hikaru, Younha, Angela Aki, Jack Johnson, Damien Rice

So there are a few of my favorite favorites! Of course there is more manga, anime and music that I love. Just can't think of them right now. Well anyway, enjoy your time here on my world Tenma and Me. Catch you later


You'll Never Believe What Happened!

OMG! You'll never believe what happened to me and my husband Thursday. We were out Thursday morning running errands and visiting a friend who recently had all his wisdom teeth cut out, when we had the surprise of our lives. Someone broke into our house! That's right, broke into our house! Whoever did it went through all of our drawers in our bedroom, looked through a suitcase that was under our bed and took $35 in change that we had been saving. We called the police and filled out a report while they took pictures and dusted for fingerprints. Unfortunately, they couldn't lift any fingerprints only smudges. Just great! By then, we had gotten our heads wrapped around what had happened and were fortunate that no one was home at the time and only $35 in change was taken. After the police left, we and our parents went into the house to talk and laugh a little when my husband noticed something. His guitar was gone! They stole his guitar that he's had for 6 years, taught himself how to play guitar on and wrote me a song when we first started dating. So we're hoping that we can find it at a pawn shop locally or something. I'll keep you posted on any updates. See ya!

How Awesome Is K-ON?

I'm currently watching the anime K-ON! and it is so awesome! I'm only on episode 3, but still I love it. So far, Mio is my absolute favorite. She's so beautiful and yet so conservative about the attention she gets from others. Yui reminds me of my baby sister so much. They have the same personality, if you know what I mean. Much love to my sister! Anyway, like always, if you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend watching it. If you like school-based stories, comedy and music, you love it. I really love the closing song "Don't Say Lazy". Really awesome song! Check it out! Catch you later!


What I'm Listening To

Hey everyone! I love J-pop and J-rock! The music is amazing! Right now, I'm into An Cafe, Ore Ska Band, Chemistry, Yoko Hikasa and Marble. Most of the time, I just download music from animes that I have watched. For instance, the anime Eden of the East has an awesome ending song entitled "Futuristic Imagination" by School Food Punishment. I love the name of that group. Anyway, the song is totally awesome! I love it! Check it out when you get the chance. There's a website called Gendou.com where you can download music from J-pop, J-rock artists and from animes. They ask to donate a dollar, then you can download as much as you want. It's awesome! Just to let you know. Anyway, let me know what you are listening to. Catch ya later!

Drawing Anime, Oh boy!

I love art! That's one of my main reasons for joining The O. All of your drawings on the site are beautiful. I look at them and think to myself,"I wish I could draw like that!". Well, I've never actually drawn anime or manga before, but I'm going to try. Oh boy! I have two sketches that I did last night so all I have to do now is color them and post them under my fan art. To all who will lay their eyes on them, please, be gentle. I'm not as good as everyone else, but I want to give it a try. So, look forward to some fan art coming soon from me. Talk to you guys soon!

What I'm Watching and Reading...

Right now I'm watching the anime of Lovely Complex. I'm only on episode 6 and only read up to volume 3, so I have no idea what's going to happen. I'm hoping that Risa and Otani get together. But please, if you know what happens, don't tell me. Right before Lovely Complex, I finished Itazura Na Kiss. A friend suggested it and I loved it! Even though, I have a love/hate thing going on with Irie-kun. That's all I will say. Don't want to ruin it for people who haven't seen it yet.

As far as manga, I'm reading Imadoki (Nowadays) again. I just love Tanpopo, Risa, Slippy, Erica and Kiko. Great group of friends. Finished with tears in my eyes High School Debut. Really did not want that series to end. I'm also getting into Beauty is the Beast. If anyone is reading or have read it, please give me your input on it without being too descriptive. Sometimes a manga reads better if I know other people really like the story line.

What are you watching and reading?