H-E-L-L-O! I'm Tenma-chan! Let's see...some of my favorites:
Food - Anything lol!
Colors - Red, Black, Green
Animal - Cat, Dog, Frog, Panther
Anime - School Rumble, Tora Dora, Eden of the East, Lovely Complex, Bokura Ga Ita
Manga - High School Debut, Monkey High!, Skip Beat, Boys Over Flowers, Yotsuba&
Music - No Doubt, Paramore, BoA, Utada Hikaru, Younha, Angela Aki, Jack Johnson, Damien Rice

So there are a few of my favorite favorites! Of course there is more manga, anime and music that I love. Just can't think of them right now. Well anyway, enjoy your time here on my world Tenma and Me. Catch you later


Welcome to Tenma and Me!

Thank you so much for taking the time and reading my blog "Tenma and Me". I wanted something fun and entertaining, so I hope you will enjoy it. I love the anime School Rumble for the comedy, but mainly because I can personally relate to Tenma. In my little circle of friends, I'm always the ditz. But it's okay, because I love to make people laugh and forget about their troubles for a while. So through the course of this blog, I hope to share a couple of laughs, memories of favorite mangas and animes and anything else that would make Tenma proud. Enjoy! I would love to give a very big thank you to tiggerola for helping me create "Tenma and Me". Couldn't have done without you!