H-E-L-L-O! I'm Tenma-chan! Let's see...some of my favorites:
Food - Anything lol!
Colors - Red, Black, Green
Animal - Cat, Dog, Frog, Panther
Anime - School Rumble, Tora Dora, Eden of the East, Lovely Complex, Bokura Ga Ita
Manga - High School Debut, Monkey High!, Skip Beat, Boys Over Flowers, Yotsuba&
Music - No Doubt, Paramore, BoA, Utada Hikaru, Younha, Angela Aki, Jack Johnson, Damien Rice

So there are a few of my favorite favorites! Of course there is more manga, anime and music that I love. Just can't think of them right now. Well anyway, enjoy your time here on my world Tenma and Me. Catch you later


Update on house break-in

Alright guys, update time! No guitar or criminal yet but we did receive some good news on Tuesday. A police officer came to our house to give us a follow-up and told us some very interesting tidbits. First, the same day our house was broken into, a house two streets behind ours was broken into two hours later. Second, my husband gave the officer the serial number to his guitar and they will enter it into a computer system that goes to all the pawn shops in the county. If it's there, it will pop up as "stolen" and they can not sell it. Wherever it is, the pawn shop owner has to alert the police and then the police will give us the guitar back. Third, there has been 6 to 8 other break-in's around the area where we live so the police think they are all related to the same criminal. Last but not least, the police talk to the clerk that works at the Little Cricket across the street from us and she said that one of her regular customers was wearing a very expensive looking watch. Coincidentally, one of the houses that was broken into reported missing a very expensive looking watch. So we are this much closer to getting to the bottom of who broke into our house. Give more info as I get it. Catch ya later!


B-I-G to the Bang!

The last post I did was about how awesome G Dragon is, so this time I'm raving about how awesome the group he is from is. They are called Big Bang and OMG! What is not awesome about them. The beats to their songs could make a dead person dance. The dancing they do in their videos is top notch. And what I like most is even though they are Korean, they sing and rap mostly in English, so it's easy to learn their songs. Oh, did I mention that they all are so adorable? My favorite songs by them are "Gara Gara Go", "La La La", "How Gee" and "VIP" to name a few. My favorite members are T.O.P and of course G Dragon. They are too much for me Anyway, like always, I encourage you to look these guys up and lend them your ears and your hearts. I'm sure you'll fall for them like I have.


Does anyone know how you get gifts? I anxiously look at my portfolio every time I log on to see if maybe I have a gift, but nothing is ever there. Do you get them after a certain amount of time or after doing something like the trophy I got for commenting? I really want a gift, but not sure about how to go about getting one. If you guys could help me out, I would really appreciate it. Till then, catch ya later!

OMG! G-Dragon!

So I getting a little addicted to downloading music videos from YouTube when I came across G-Dragon's new song, "Heartbreaker". OMG!!! It is so awesome! I love the video concept, the clothes, the dancing, the song, EVERYTHING!!! You guys have to check it out. Also check out the music videos from Big Bang, the group that G-Dragon is from. I love the song/video, "Lollipop" featuring the girls from 2NE1. Such a cute, adorable video. Anyway, as always, let me know what you think. Catch ya later!

You'll Never Believe What Happened!

OMG! You'll never believe what happened to me and my husband Thursday. We were out Thursday morning running errands and visiting a friend who recently had all his wisdom teeth cut out, when we had the surprise of our lives. Someone broke into our house! That's right, broke into our house! Whoever did it went through all of our drawers in our bedroom, looked through a suitcase that was under our bed and took $35 in change that we had been saving. We called the police and filled out a report while they took pictures and dusted for fingerprints. Unfortunately, they couldn't lift any fingerprints only smudges. Just great! By then, we had gotten our heads wrapped around what had happened and were fortunate that no one was home at the time and only $35 in change was taken. After the police left, we and our parents went into the house to talk and laugh a little when my husband noticed something. His guitar was gone! They stole his guitar that he's had for 6 years, taught himself how to play guitar on and wrote me a song when we first started dating. So we're hoping that we can find it at a pawn shop locally or something. I'll keep you posted on any updates. See ya!