This world mostly 4 my doodles and other stuffs that will be not submitted into my gallery

Something u may not enjoy

Ello guys~
How are u? hope u all have a great day 2day~ X]

Well...I just collected a bunch of my sketches that I made from last year until recently 2 share with u, since I feel like I wont be posting any new are 4 another along time (if there's anyone actually cares lol). Look at it if u only have the time 2 coz it's really allot ^w^"

Thank u 4 ur time~
I really hope my post didn't make some of u depressed or something >_<

SS Valentine's wishlist

My wishlist for the Valentine's Day TheOtaku Secret Santa Event, Many thanks to aragorn1014 and Ryuchu for hosting!! <--stolen from thelostsindar


-My OCs Wings or Heart (Heart right Wings left) (draw them separated or together) u can draw them in any age and outfits u like in Valentines theme.

-me King (lion) or the random glasses dude in my gloomy sketches post.


-Monika, Max, Toan or Gaspard from Dark Cloud 1 and 2

-Ion, Luke, Tear or Jade, or u can draw Mieu if u like 2 draw animal from Tales of the Abyss.

-any character from Harvest Moon.

-Zoro, Luffy, Ace or Sanji from One Piece


aliens, pirates, pretty evil lady, head winged person.

Draw anything in these themes:

-Winter, cute, Valentine or dark themes.

-Or u can just draw me whatever u are comfortable with, I will appreciate it.

Thank u santa! X]

underlined words are refs. I will add more later

Happy B-day cheriepy!! X]

As I promised u last year I made u something this year! x'3 so HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY CHERIE-CHAN!! *hugs*
I hope ur day will be fantastic, dear! X]

...making these pixels is fun....I might take requests in the future if anyone was interested? :3


(anyone feel free 2 fill this)

It bothers me when u do/don't....................
I like u 2 do more of/ be more....................


I hope u all are well and have a nice day~

OH! I have changed the link of the kawaii ribbon post. u now can download and see each picture separated. I hope it is more helpful this way 4 u


just a quick sketch I made a while back XD

Traditional Walkthrough: Kawaii Ribbon

Hi guys~ =_="
So, I just decided 2 re-post this. though, I still think it's not a good idea >3>'


Tools: Faber Castle colored pencils, A4 print paper, black ink pen, hp scanner.
Time: Inked and coloring in around 14h.
Edited in


This was a bday gift 4 our Sayu~ I need 2 give better gifts =w=);;

happy Halloween guys! >u<

8 Free Chibi Requests~[closed]

Ello there all! :D
So, after I saw many generous people around do the free requests made me want 2 try it 2! owo'>

So, the first 8 people comment here will receive a free chibi request from me~ King-sama da!!

Lil rules:
*one chara per requester.
*a ref link 2 the chara u want would be preferable.
*I will just draw already designed chara (OC/anime manga/etc)
*don't be shy 2 request me~ lol

Requesters so far:

0-15385bic (this is a lil "thank u" 2 her ;>) -OC Lee
1-Kaijin89 -OC Trae
2-infinatelove42 -OC Butterfly
3-Wakusei Aoshi -OC Poe
4-moonlit dream -OC Damian
5-itemilicious -OC Aya
6-SnowP -The girl
7-Blue Latte-Juvia
8-Aria Sky-cowgirl

This will probably take me a while until I get them all finished, hope u could wait! ^w^

Now it closed!! sorry 4 who was interested and couldn't get it..I am sorry!! ;m;
thank u~