SAI USERS I need your halp

I really need help ;A;

After I saved my image on Sai I exited out,turned my computer off, and went to get a snack.

One hour later I turned on my computer, went on sai, opened my picture, but ALL OF THE LAYERS HAD MERGED (and I did not merge them myself). Now i cant color my picture because the color goes over my lineart.

I tried putting a layer over the layers that had mysteriously merged but it doesnt allow me to draw anything on it.


I need to color this drawing ;A:
What do i doooooooo?


Lately I have been more active on my deviantart account, so if you would like to see more updates on my art and stuffs, follow the yellow brick roadlink!


This is KINDA old- drawn the first couple of weeks in art 1

First try at stipling (is that how you even spell it?)

to small or not long enough for width requiremnets so here it stands >D


Give me my arts dangit >:<

So i'm taking art 1 *yaay*

And i wish i could submit all my realism and all my drawings but teh teacher won't give 'em to me until the end of the semester.

it sux.

On the plus side, the teacher knows i'm very good at drawing and is giving me Art 2 assignments (drew one of meh buds in art today) *yosh*

The bad thing....Apparently she thinks i draw realism...all the time...and she thinks i have a notebook....with all those things in it....

I don't.



oop-GTG- Chores await me :>

Cuz' I can =w=

*roflol* WATCH IT, LOVE IT.