Storybook 2

Now my name Joe

You as your designated drunk driver, my job is to ease you into the world of insanity at a comfortable rate.

We have no TGIfridays.

There, I just got the most heartbreaking news out of the way first. There is no should thing as the shaky goodness of one of the greatest restaurants of all time. We killed the creater in drunken fist fight, shut up and deal with it.

Now that that mind fuck is out of the way, the rest of the stuff, magic is real, zombies are fast, f***ing annoying, and don't die a second time, Sarah Palin was ruthlessly slaughtered by a headless mouse, the greatest power source in this universe are carrots, and former president Al Gore defeated Tony Blair to be the first man to fuck the two major continents, that stuff won't seem as bad.

For reals we are just like you, thanks to you making us like you. Most would say we like you.

I don't but hey, why ruin it? Your like a stalker with cosmic control, pretty soon we'll all be doing yuri by your pleasure. Oh, wait, we already do.

Internet rule number 34: If you can think of it, there's porn of it.

Screwing that guy over, as well as his mother, I would like to draw your attention to the group of people assembled here in this world.

First: Me, I'm the main character, at least when your in my head. You will address me as sir and say please and thank you for that yuri. Your welcome.

Second: Kyubbi, that number two jackass ( Next to me of course) rules the place. Cause he has the most power here. Kind of like how things should be in real life, the boss can kick everyone ass. I still think he dresses in women's clothes at night, but that's my opinion.

Third: Dutch, wimp, done. I'm pretty sure he gave up.

There is no fourth, wanna be fourth? They all gave up...unless, since your reading this... that means your interested again.


Post something.


Now that you know the cast heres the plot. Whatever Kyubbi decides to do, we ruin it. Not that hard to do. Everyone tends to give up when the flying monkey arrive.

Thats about it, watch you head for flying monkey turds, there'a commin.