Kokoro Kisaragi

Wow this is like very late.....I blame school =3=. Well here is Koko's profile and I was to lazy to make a much better one. Hope this one will do it's justice though.

Name: Kokoro Kisaragi

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Animal: Raven

# of Tails: 0

- Human Info -

Hair: Blue, to her shoulders

Eyes: Red.

Looks: Kinda short and average looking. Has a summoning tattoo on her arm that she covers with a layered armband.
Usually has bed head hair, has a large bang always in front of her face. Has dark circles under her eyes (always tired).

Clothing: Usually wears different clothes that does not constrict much movement.

Earrings: One cartilidge piercing

Personality: She tries to keep her cool since she wants to keep everyone under control but kinda fails at it. Shee seems like the type to not care about anything (the mean way) but she is actually very kind, but is really always to tired to show it. When she actually awake and full of energy (which will probably never happen) she will be SPONTANEUS, annoying, and somewhat selfish. Overexaggerates and gets super excited over practically nothing and becomes a retarded fun loving, hyper chick.

Likes: Fights, bright colors, skateboarding, spicy food, nike, texting,breakdancing, freestyle, and SLEEPING

Dislikes: Fat people in tiny clothes, coffee authority, attention-seekers, people who can't take jokes, factories, KOREAN DRAMAS, aaand sappycornyloveydovey moments that don't include her. >w>

Fav Pairing: No comment

Justus: Wind based justus and lightning based.

Catch Phrase: "Oi!"

Fav Moment from Naruto: Doesn't care

Fav Song: Airplanes by B.ob

Fav Music: Rock

Fav Book: Atlas Shrugged

Fav Movie: N/A

Family: Not is that close with her family and rather will not bring them up.

Habits and/or disabilities:You'll constantly find her in strange places sleeping... Disabilities- She has a strange hobby in match making, and has really BAD PMS. So once a month she will act like Kyuubi only with more ANGST.