I waited on the shore until it got dark. I Looked up and saw Chyoko running toward me. I was glomped to the ground. "Dutch-kuuun~ you're okay! You didn't get captured by the supreme team ditto monkey people after all!" she said and snuggled my chest making me squirm.

"Uhh what?" i replied

"Oh nothing! You're okay, that's what matters, aouu!" she said. I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine till i went flushed.

"Dutch-kun, whats wrong?" she said hugging me.

"I uh... I got to tell you something... I-I was holding back for a while..." i stuttered.

"So spit it out! Not on me though cus that would be nasty... but JUST SAY IT!" she said with a smile.

"I-I.... I l.... I!" i said with a studder.

"Ya know", I interrupted. "You can just SHOW me. Like in a good game of charades? Let's do that!" she stated her great idea.

It was now or never. I pulled her close against me and lift her chin just slightly and kissed her gently. She was tense for a minute but she settled quickly. IT seemed to last for ever until a M-80 explodes above my head. "ILL KILL YOU JOE!", i shouted. he shouted back something i couldnt here. Thats when i opened my phone and called Kyuubi. "hey boss man, ya joe just popped a fire cracker over chyoko just inchs from her head........yes.........yep.....the pond......ok, bye". we then walked into the woods while Joe did a strip tease. It was good while it lasted.


someone continue please............................I BECHA DIDNT SEE DAT COMEN!!!!!!!!!! XD