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Draw your character as they were when they were younger (as in the first grade) for the up-incoming story

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I Want To Play!! 83


I took a steep back from the girl who didn’t seem very happy that I had been spying on them… Wonder why, I was only watching ><’

Then this other girl came up with a realllllllly good idea! AND she even said she would get us icecream~ I wanted icecream!!!!!

“Oh oh~!!! Kayo wants to play tooooooooooo!!!” I said running over to a tall tree then looked up.

“Ooooooo…. It’s so tall!” I smirked. “A good challenge for a rat!” Then it dawned on me.

“Hay, are we allowed to use our tails to help us?” I questioned.

Sorry it’s short ><U I couldn’t think of what to post!

would do anything for icecream

We left the man there and tried to forget the little incident but how to forget it if I was the culprit? What if he died? What would I tell mom and dad? …They would probably punish me for it.

I kept thinking what ugly future was waiting for me and then the idea of not telling them what happened arrive ; I was going to keep quiet and would enjoy this afternoon.

I was surprised by the sound of someone hitting the ground, however Dutch made me laugh with one of his comments and then I noticed it was Kayo; everything pointed that she was going to have some problems but then Kokoro came with a very cool idea, it became better when she said the world ice cream °W°

“I would help you with throwing the objects Kokoro!” I said happily as I ran towards her. It appeared she had found the tallest tree. When she saw me, she nodded and I prepared all my tails and my arms to throw different things; however we needed more people, I started to look around to see who where the ones who were going to climb the tree and who where the ones who were going to throw things.

At the end you could see how some were determined and how others were thinking what could be the best option. I sat down and waited to see who else was going to play.


Hope that was fine hehe…someone continue?? Sorry for being a short post....


Normally, my mom would come and pick me up from school. That didn't happen. The teacher told me she would call my mom, but I hardly doubted it.

I sat on the sidewalk, watching Kyuubi and the others go off and showing off their tails. Mine popped out from that thought. Two raccoon tails... I smiled and just waited for my mom, until the teacher came out and told me my mom wanted to tell me that I could come home by myself.

By myself? That's a first for momma...

I nodded my head quickly and skipped off, somehow going in the way that Kyuubi and them were going.



I watched the group run off, my head bowed and my steps hurried. Mr. transferee, Dutch, ran after, his face readable. The girl next to him, Chiyo-chan, held him close, still so oblivious with excited smiles.

Ara ara... I thought to myself. The situation was truly awkward. But, I was able to relate to Dutch. The tension was there, definitely.

I got up on light feet and followed after everyone, "Wait for me!"

I finally caught up with everyone. I knew almost everyone that was here. But the kid with the hair that looked like a duck's butt was Kyuubi, a infamous classmate that should not be messed with.

It looked as if Kayo was in one big misunderstanding. I couldn't help but want to help her out of it. "Hey everyone!" I yelled as they diverted their attention on to me.

"Lets have a contest. Whoever walks to the top of the tree first is the winner."

"But that doesn't sound like a challenge. We learned this like in preschool," Suki said giving a hint that she would be the type of person to participate in fun challenges.

"I got that covered," I smiled and pulled out a box. It was filled with paint guns, wooden shuriken, and other stuff. "Whoever gets knocked off the tree by someone on the ground or by someone else that is participating is out of the game. The winner and whoever helps me with the obstacles, I will treat them to icecream. Agreed?"

Then I found the tallest tree she could find in the area. "That should do it."


Please continue.


As we walked out of the tunnel we were still trying to get our heads back together from what just happend. since it was electricity that killed him they cant really say it was murder i guess. As these thought went over in my mind. i heard someone shout. "THERES SOMEONE IN THE TREE!" followed by a loud,"EEEEEEEEEKKKK!". I looked up just intime to see someone hit the ground. Suki was mad and began to walk over to them but Kyuubi pulled her back. "good call kyuubi", i wispered to myself and Raijuu who was next to me chuckled. The person who fell took off running with kyuubi after them. We took off in persuit of both of them. I had trouble keeping up. Chyoko grabbed my hand and pulled me. We turned into a feild and i tripped. Chyokos grip stayed tight and i was being dragged thru the grass. We stopped and chyoko let go of me. I spit out a mouth full of grass and looked up to see everyone stopped and some chatting i could hear was going on.


someone continue please!