This is Teh Biju Club
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This is an Role Play Club that posts stories that can lead to a multitude of adventures. The stories will get perverted though... so you write a perverted part, you're a perv. So everyone that's written something like that is a perv basically. It won't get that way if you don't want that to happen.
Enjoy yourselves here.


Draw your character as they were when they were younger (as in the first grade) for the up-incoming story

Point Scores

Nekomata: 15
Houkou: 20
Kaku: 5
Raijuu: 52
Dizzy: 10
Suki: 60
Takahara: 25
Chiyoko: 25
Kenneth: 40
Yami: 15
Kokoro: 20
Izzy: 15
Yoni: 15
Dutch: 25
Joe: 20
Meeko: -
Kayo: 10
Getsu: 5
Yojo: 5
Ryo: -


Rookie - Starting
Ally - 10
Animal (The animal demon you have) - 30
Half Demon - 65
Demon - 80
Biju - 100
Biju Sibling (Only for the siblings of biju ex. Misa, Kai, and Chiyoko currently) - 100
Legendary 9 Member (Only for members of the legendary 9) - 120
Biju King (Only for Kyuubi though) - Unavailable


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dutch13(Dutch ♂)-Ally
simplebeast231(Joe ♂)-Ally
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Now Handing out Pre-made OCs for Teh Biju Club
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ajLOVEStobiRosie (Female-1 tail Skunk)
Ryochi30 Taylor (Male-1 tail Dog)
Sokou (Male-4 tailed Rooster)
Maddison (Female-3 tailed Squirrel)



We were playing a game. Hide and Seek. I hated hide and seek. every time some one would come up behind me and I'd jump out of my skin. I'd rather be somewhere reading a nice book but no i decided to play a game i hated. I stayed hidden under the pick nick table with a table cloth on it. i stayed there hugging my knees but i felt like i had to sneeze. It came out in a big "ACHOOOOOO!" I froze hoping no one heard and hopefully no one would find me...

Continue...? Please?

Playing a Game!

Sorry for the lame and suckish title, I'm brain dead -_-


“KAYO!!! WAKE UP OR YOU’LL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!! AGAIN!” I opened my eyes and looked around my room to see my mum leaving my room and storming down the stairs.

Yawning I stretched and quickly got dressed and reached for my back pack and left. Soon I picked up the pace seeing at how late I REALLY was for school and remembering the game we were going to play today!

Arriving at school I snuck in but was spotted by a teacher. He scolded me but let me off with a warning and told me that the rest of the students were outside now and I should go and join them.

Everyone scattered and I saw someone dive into a bush and decided to ask him what he was doing. I walked over to his bush he was hiding in and tapped his back, witch made him jump and turn around to face me.

Blinking I smiled widely at him, “HI! What ‘cha doing?” I asked with a cock of my head. He shushed me and made me duck down into the bush before he whispered to me, “Were playing hide and seak!” he informed me and I nodded.

I think I recognized him from class, but I think he was new… Dutch I think his name was? Oh well, I’ll ask him once the game was over!


-_-‘ sorry it’s so short~

game time

it was like a high noon show down in a west movie back home. Suki walked foward with a cat girl with orange hair and that chyoko girl behind her. Kyuubi then stepped forward with a yellow hair kid and Riajuu behind him.

They went face to face. Suki and kyuubi looked in each others eyes. Kyuubi moving his lolypop around in his mouth. Suki pulled out a coin and i could have thought was gowing to fwip it. she throw it up in the air instead and it jingled when it hit the dirt. Kyuubi held up his hand and tapped suki on the head.

"YOUR IT!", he shouted. I turned and ran to a bunch of bushs and hid. everyone scattered. I felt a hand on my back that made me jump out of my skin.

someone continue please!!! ^ ^ GAME TIME BABY!

Introducing Ry-Chan!

Ryo had always been different...well that is if you can qualify different as having cat ears and a tail. Ryo pulled her hat tight over her ears and tucked away her cat tail then looked in the mirror to make sure her ears were completely covered.She ran down the steps of her house and grabbed her small black back pack off the kitchen chair before heading out the door and heading for school. Today was her first day at a new school and she was excited for the most part.
"Stop following me!" Ryo said looking over her shoulder at the group of cats that had started to follow her which scattered as she yelled.


So yeah i'm kinda new at this and my spelling isn't the best so forgive me if stuff is spelled wrong or if my rping isn't the best :P

what is that?

----Joe's POV---
This mouring I found myself finishing my homework, upside down, in a tree, above the zoo's aligater pit, at feeding time, and you know what? This limbs sounds like it's going to snap. Ahhh, well, homework need to be done before I go to school, so other pressing issuses must wait.

Does my lacking of intrest astonde you? Oh person in my head? Whatever. Your already there, not like you can stop.

I finshed gluing the last bit of my homework together when I heard a familiar voice in the distance. Flipping up and grabing a higher branch I pulled back on the branch with my feat pulling on a branch under me. I let my feet go and I cataplaulted into the air. As I flew through the air I saw an old guy was walking Suki to school, and Mrs. Johannson's flowers are blooming. They tend to run a little earier than the usaual season...WHAMM!!!



Tree... Trees are... very unforgiving.

Another little girl and her father strolled by.

"What was that huge bird that just flew over head, Dad?"

"That Dear, was the Idiotcus Maximus, He doesn't tend to think where he is going, and therefor runs into any large sturdy object in front of him."

However true that remark was I really didn't care. With my trajetery I was glad the tree stopped me. I would have landed in tuddles fence. That is one fierce weine dog.

Picking myself I looked up to find I was at the school. Well, that one thing down, I hummed the opening lines to Dora the explorer (that girl's hot, tehehehe) and skipped to the school. School time is fun time!