This is Teh Biju Club
I'm the leader and SandLover13 is the co-leader.
This is an Role Play Club that posts stories that can lead to a multitude of adventures. The stories will get perverted though... so you write a perverted part, you're a perv. So everyone that's written something like that is a perv basically. It won't get that way if you don't want that to happen.
Enjoy yourselves here.


Draw your character as they were when they were younger (as in the first grade) for the up-incoming story

Point Scores

Nekomata: 15
Houkou: 20
Kaku: 5
Raijuu: 52
Dizzy: 10
Suki: 60
Takahara: 25
Chiyoko: 25
Kenneth: 40
Yami: 15
Kokoro: 20
Izzy: 15
Yoni: 15
Dutch: 25
Joe: 20
Meeko: -
Kayo: 10
Getsu: 5
Yojo: 5
Ryo: -


Rookie - Starting
Ally - 10
Animal (The animal demon you have) - 30
Half Demon - 65
Demon - 80
Biju - 100
Biju Sibling (Only for the siblings of biju ex. Misa, Kai, and Chiyoko currently) - 100
Legendary 9 Member (Only for members of the legendary 9) - 120
Biju King (Only for Kyuubi though) - Unavailable


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DeidaraNarutoClan(Kyuubi ♂)-King Of Biju/Leader
SandLover13(Shukaku ♂)- Legendary 9 Member/Co-Leader(?)

Other Members:
gaaragirl911(Nekomata ♀)-Ally
Hikari Mogami(Houkou ♂)-Ally
gaara is cool135(Kaku ♂)-Rookie
vdr-07(Raijuu ♂)-Half Demon [Weasel]
firestar95(Dizzy ♀)-Ally
Sasukelover001(Suki ♀)-Wolf
imouto chan(Takahara ♀)-Ally
Otomi Babii(Chiyoko ♀)-Ally
Naomi Bear(Kenneth ♂)-Cheetah
Luna chan(Kokoro ♀)-Ally
Emo Biznich(Izzy ♀)-Rookie
wolfdemonchild9(Yoni ♀)-Ally
dutch13(Dutch ♂)-Ally
simplebeast231(Joe ♂)-Ally
animelover7310(Meeko ♀)-Rookie
littlepooch(Kayo ♀)-Rookie
AngelsCryTo(Getsu ♀)-Rookie
infernoboy10(Yojo ♂)-Rookie

Now Handing out Pre-made OCs for Teh Biju Club
Current Ocs:
Isonade (Male-3 tailed Turtle)
SojiRem Hachimata Hachibi (Male-8 tailed Snake)
SojiRem Kai (Male-10 tailed Wolf)
Naomi Bear Yurikami (Female-2 tailed Bobcat)
ajLOVEStobiRosie (Female-1 tail Skunk)
Ryochi30 Taylor (Male-1 tail Dog)
Sokou (Male-4 tailed Rooster)
Maddison (Female-3 tailed Squirrel)

Getsu Sho

Name:Getsu Sho Age: 15 Gender: Female Animal: Arctic Wolf (Canis lupus arctos # of Tails: One Human Info: - Hair: Pure white, with little wisps of grey on the roots. It is short, just going past her ears, ...

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Name: Takahara ‘Taki’ Okami

Age: 17 (201)

Gender: Female

Animal: Wolf

# of Tails: 2

Human Info: -

Hair: Long, dark red and usually in a ponytail

Eyes: Turquoise

Looks: Like a kunoichi

Clothing: A black and red separated kimono with thigh high red socks and black sandals, black arm bands and black fingerless gloves and her signature star choker

Earrings: two piercings in each ear

Personality: a bit hot headed, sarcastic

Likes: The Biju Club, relaxing and sake

Dislikes: injustice, unnecessary violence

Fav Pairing: o_e

Justus: healing and fire justus

Catch Phrase: Here we go.

Fav Moment from Naruto: -

Fav Song: -

Fav Music: -

Fav Book: -

Fav Movie: -

Family: father and adopted brother

Habits and/or disabilities: tends to get in the oddest of situations.

Houkou Ohyes

Name: Houkou
Age: 23
Gender: male
Animal: Dog
# of Tails: 5
Human Info: Ehhh?
Hair: Long and white
Eyes: Frosted blue. Blind in right eye
Looks: Around 6'2, with pale skin. Handsome face.
Clothing: Rainbow jacket and ripped jeans. Goggles or a hat.
Earrings: None
Likes: Loyal, but he gets jealous and paranoid easily.
Dislikes: A lot of stuff. Mostly himself and any threats.
Fav Pairing: NekaxHoukou
Justus: unknown
Catch Phrase: "...Woof."
Fav Moment from Naruto: N/a
Fav Song: Owari to mirai- Girugamesh
Fav Music: Anything.
Fav Book: Comic books.
Fav Movie: Repo! The genetic opera.
Family: Nekomata and his two kids.
Habits and/or disabilities: Blind in one eye, tends to throw temper tantrums when confused.


Name: Joe Iikagen Age: 2400 Gender: Male Animal: Fat tail scorpion # of Tails: 2 Human Info: Tall and skinny Hair: ear length but wild on the edges Eyes: light blue with a insane glint in them Looks:...

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here's Yoni's file, revamped (this is the last time she's getting revamped I swear!). I'll edit it if I have to. Name: Yoni Yakima Age: 15 Gender: Female Animal: Wolf # of Tails: 10 Human Info: Yoni was ab...

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