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This is an Role Play Club that posts stories that can lead to a multitude of adventures. The stories will get perverted though... so you write a perverted part, you're a perv. So everyone that's written something like that is a perv basically. It won't get that way if you don't want that to happen.
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Draw your character as they were when they were younger (as in the first grade) for the up-incoming story

Point Scores

Nekomata: 15
Houkou: 20
Kaku: 5
Raijuu: 52
Dizzy: 10
Suki: 60
Takahara: 25
Chiyoko: 25
Kenneth: 40
Yami: 15
Kokoro: 20
Izzy: 15
Yoni: 15
Dutch: 25
Joe: 20
Meeko: -
Kayo: 10
Getsu: 5
Yojo: 5
Ryo: -


Rookie - Starting
Ally - 10
Animal (The animal demon you have) - 30
Half Demon - 65
Demon - 80
Biju - 100
Biju Sibling (Only for the siblings of biju ex. Misa, Kai, and Chiyoko currently) - 100
Legendary 9 Member (Only for members of the legendary 9) - 120
Biju King (Only for Kyuubi though) - Unavailable


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DeidaraNarutoClan(Kyuubi ♂)-King Of Biju/Leader
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gaara is cool135(Kaku ♂)-Rookie
vdr-07(Raijuu ♂)-Half Demon [Weasel]
firestar95(Dizzy ♀)-Ally
Sasukelover001(Suki ♀)-Wolf
imouto chan(Takahara ♀)-Ally
Otomi Babii(Chiyoko ♀)-Ally
Naomi Bear(Kenneth ♂)-Cheetah
Luna chan(Kokoro ♀)-Ally
Emo Biznich(Izzy ♀)-Rookie
wolfdemonchild9(Yoni ♀)-Ally
dutch13(Dutch ♂)-Ally
simplebeast231(Joe ♂)-Ally
animelover7310(Meeko ♀)-Rookie
littlepooch(Kayo ♀)-Rookie
AngelsCryTo(Getsu ♀)-Rookie
infernoboy10(Yojo ♂)-Rookie

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I was walking along, going back to my usual spot in an empty lot, when I felt something unusual spike up in my senses. There were biju around... but there were also the guys that love to steal my stuff so that they can bug the hell out of me.

Getting back to the empty lot, I found my bag still hidden in the hole I dug a few days ago, but I couldn't find my mother's necklace. Great. So the boys stole that this time? Hell, they're in for it.

Grabbing my bag and slinging it over my shoulder, something, like an envelope or something, fell out of it. It didn't look familiar or anything. There was just something... off about it. I picked it up off the ground and just looked at it. It was written in messy handwriting of what seemed to be cursive, or to the best ability of it, and all I could tell was that it was to be delivered to the leader of a "Biju Club". It did say that on the front anyways. It was to a 'Kyuubi' or something of the sort.

I just slid it back into my bag as I heard quick footsteps surrounding me.

"Meeko, guess we we got!" One of the men exclaimed as the men appeared I cracked my knuckles. These men loved to piss me off... they knew what they were in for.

Sensing the man to my left had my necklace, I quickly phased to behind him and kicked him the back and legs. I grabbed my necklace quickly when they all moved in to fight, but within a few minutes, I was throwing a few punches and a man got kicked into a pile of wood, which caused quite the loud explosion.

Punching a few more out, I quickly finished up and noticed somebody running towards. I immediately started to fight him, but he was dodging all of my hits, and I was only able to graze his arm.

“Hey hey hey! Can you stop attacking me??? I’m not the enemy!” I continued to attack. “Like I was saying, I’m not the enemy!” He was able to stop me and that's when I noticed he was a biju and let go before he was able to throw an electrical attack at me. I was thankful even to hear him completely because of me being deaf in one ear.

“So you too are a biju?” I asked him as I backed a few steps and he looked at me.

I wasn't much of a talking person, but if I had a reason, I had a reason. It wasn't hard to change attitudes either. I was still unsure about talking to this guy. Last guy I met that was a biju started a fight with me. It wasn't pretty the next day.

“Yes, can you tell?” I nodded and he continued, from what I could tell in his eyes, was worrying about his arm. Crap.

“…Sorry about that…” I told and he just looked at me.

“It’s fine… Anyway why were you being chased?” Huh. I hadn't really realized that I had been being chased. Guess I got used to it by now.

I kept a straight face. I wasn't really in the mood, but I made myself clam down a little so that I could talk to this guy. I didn't really care what I looked like at the moment. I was just used to living on the streets and not giving a care.

“They took something precious to me and so I had to do something; when I got my object back they began to chase me…..Well that doesn’t matter anymore, I was looking for you,” I said and he looked at me suspiciously. Well, I did have to find that leader... and it seemed like he was one to know, I hope.

“Well not you but I’m guessing you are part of a club called The biju club?” I asked him and there was an automatic nod. “Someone gave me this letter and told me to hand it to the leader of that club…” I left off and he just nodded slightly. I didn't care if I looked like I couldn't be trusted. I was like that. You can't trust anybody in the world anymore...

“How can I prove I can trust you?”

“You can’t,” I said quickly as I looked away. Something threw me off about this guy but I couldn't name it. Not really. And I knew I couldn't be trusted. Anybody who did trust me usually got hurt or killed. I wasn't the person to be around.

“Would you like to come with me to pay a visit?” I looked at him, confused. What was he talking about really? I guess he did know the leader of this 'Biju Club.'

I followed him, still un-trusting, but followed anyways to where I sensed another biju in the midst. She seemed like his girlfriend or something. We all then started to head towards a house where I immediately sensed loads of biju before we even got there. That's either really a perk or a downfall of being a raccoon biju. It really messes up your senses. There was also an chaotic atmosphere to everything too.

A girl exited the house as we got there and went up to the guy.

“Oh Hi, Raijuu-kun, How are you?” The girl asked the guy, my best guess his name being Raijuu.

“Is everything all right, Chiyoko-chan?” Raijuu asked and the girl named Chiyoko looked unsettled a little.

“..not really, you see, Shukaku suddenly disappeared this morning and Yuri-chan is having a very bad time…not to mention that Onii-san is trying his best to keep things calmed for Suki’s sake…you know for the baby?” The name Shukaku sounded familiar... and so did Chiyoko and Kyuubi now... though I couldn't recall where they were heard from before.

“What color is it?” The girl asked me and Raijuu looked over at me.

“What color is, is what?” Raijuu asked, confused and Chiyoko smiled.

“The envelope of the letter,” Chiyoko said and I held up the letter to show that it was yellow.

“Cool, it seems everyone is getting different colors!” All three of us had the same, confused look. “You’re not the first ones that arrive; everyone else is in the backyard so why don’t you go there and wait till Nii-san calms things out?” We all nodded and started to head to the backyard of the house.

“What’s your name?” The girl that seemed to be Raijuu's girlfriend asked me and I looked at her.

“…Meeko…” I told her and she smiled a little.


“Raijuu,” Raijuu joined in and his emotions were mixed as he thought.

“ne Meeko, do you happen to know what is inside of this envelope?” Raijuu asked me and I shook my head and held the envelope in my hand. There was a huge mixture of emotions all around me, which through me off even more.

Then Raijuu was attacked by a friend of his and a guy blew in the door to the house with an RPG. Interesting way of making an entrance...

Some people started to talk around me and that's when I noticed the guy with the RPG had a food emotion to him as he looked around. Newbies... that was part of his food diet, apparently.

Kokoro was looking at all of the excitement and Raijuu doing the same and I just scooted a little to the side and tightened my ribbons on my wrists with my teeth and fingers. Nothing seemed really out of the ordinary, except the feeling of some anger or out of placement in myself.

Being, I think, a raccoon biju was sometimes hard... especially with the conflicting senses and emotions filling your own.
Hope that was okay ^^ Anybody can interact with Meeko if they want ^^

~Anime-chan and Meeko

Dark figure says heloo *__*

Looming in the distance was the home of our slightly honorable leader kyubbi. Why am I going here again?

Ohh, thats right...

The flying monkeys told me so.

What if I don't want to?

Alright, alright, alright, I'll do it! I won't like it though.

And shut up mr. flying monkey, I don't like you anymore.

You don't care do you?

....right then...

I walked up to the door of the home and heard the people inside. They were discussing a new member and some letter. I like new members, there silly, fun, and taste like chicken. Removing my ear and looked at the doorknob. I don't like doorknobs...

I took a step back and pulled a good sized RPG round from behind my back. I flipped it in my hand as I took a few more safty steps back from the doorway, next I pulled a match behind my back and lit it on the RPG's warhead. I stuffed the lit match in the back of the rocket and let it fly.


I walked toward the house smiling, stepping over rubbish ad other pieces of trash that had flown out.

"I'm home..."
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back yard party

IT was an average day at my mountain home. I went down the gravel drive way for the mail box. I opened it up and pulled out some letter. "bill, bill, add, bill, holy crap!", were my words. I dropped everything else and read the "HOLY CRAP" letter. I cut it open with my knife and read it carefully. a meeting at Kyuubis place. I wasnt so sure i should come. Then i remember chyoko. that was a deciding facter. I ran inside and dropped the mail on the table and hopped into my UTV. I sped out of the shed and down to the drive way skidding in the dirt and was on my way. I pulled up to Kyuubis place and noticed the music coming from the back yard. I turned it off and ran up to the fence.I chumped onto the fence and gave another leap off of it. I landed with a smack. I looked around to see people staring at me. "Hello my biju peeps",i said and next thing i know im in a head lock with Riajuu. "should have kept contact pal", he said. I pulled at his arm. "should have visited more buddy". i said. He gave me a noogy and let me go. It was great to see everyone. I looked around and saw suki with a shirt that wouldnt fit. I walked up to her and got a hug. "hows the belly doing?", i asked. she gave it a poke and said,"wont be long now". "that scares me", i said. She giggled and walked off. I saw an open lawn chair and sat down. I had a feeling something will happen so ill wait. I closed my eyes and sat back. Trying to get alittle sleep. a few minutes later i felt like i was being watched. I opened my eyes and saw 2 sparkling eyes looking back at me. I reacted naturally and jumped. I fell back in my chair aswell. I was looking straight up blushing madly. I got uo and saw it was chyoko which only made me blush more. "IM SOOOOSORRY DUTCH!", she said. i only could mumble. I was to embaressed to speak.


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An Invitation?

It was a normal day, pretty peaceful and enjoyable. I was in the kitchen and Kokoro was just arriving, then it hit me…The chocolate bars were gone!

My face turned to Kokoro’s and she gave a troublesome look but then agreed to come with me and buy more supplies.

As we walked through the forest and then through the town, our conversation turned to one subject.

“Ne Kokoro, it’s been a long time since we last saw someone of the club don’t you thinks so?”

“I guess everyone is busy…”

“Yeah you’re right but still shouldn’t we pay a visit to Kyuubi-san or something?” Before she could answer there was an explosion near our location and suddenly someone appeared in front of us.

“What the…” I was interrupted by Kokoro

“Biju.”She said, then the chakra hit my senses and I noticed that indeed the person in front of us was also a biju. The dust from the explosion began to vanish and then some more footsteps were heard; apparently the person was being chased, if it was a biju then that meant enemies…as a fellow biju why not helping right?

“Joining?” I asked Kokoro as she caught one of the persecutors

“I’ll do what I can here, but I’m not planning to go chasing for her” Her? Meaning a female…

“Wait for me please?” She nodded and so I was gone chasing for the female biju; when I arrived to the scene I was attacked by her; while I dodged the attacks my eyes noticed she already had defeated the enemies.

“Hey hey hey! Can you stop attacking me??? I’m not the enemy!” I began to say but she kept attacking; after some minutes of dodging I finally got the chance to stop her. “Like I was saying, I’m not the enemy!” What do I get for stopping dodging? Yes, a little wound on my arm…Great! Unintentionally a ball of electricity formed on my hand and when I was about to shoot it I stopped because she finally talked.

“So you too are a biju?” Wow, she sure knew how to change mood easily but still
she was unsure about talking.

“Yes, can you tell?” I said somehow upset about my arm.

“…Sorry about that…”

“It’s fine…Anyway why were you being chased?”

“ They took something precious to me and so I had to do something; when I got my object back they began to chase me…..Well that doesn’t matter anymore, I was looking for you” aha…That definitely sounded strange, could it be that she worked for them and everything was a trap? “Well not you but I’m guessing you are part of a club called The biju club?” Automatically there was a nod.

“Someone gave me this letter and told me to hand it to the leader of that club…” more suspicious…

“How can I prove I can trust you?”

“You can’t” She quickly said looking at one side; I could trust her.

“Would you like to come with me to pay a visit?” she looked at me with a strange face but followed when I began to walk towards Kokoro’s direction.

The rest of the trip was silent until we began to approach Kyuubi-san’s place; then there was a chaotic atmosphere.

“What is happening?” I thought to myself just to see Chiyoko-chan exiting the place

“Oh Hi Raijuu-kun, How are you?”

“Is everything all right Chiyoko-chan?” Was the first thing I said

“..not really, you see, Shukaku suddenly disappeared this morning and Yuri-chan is having a very bad time…not to mention that Onii-san is trying his best to keep things calmed for Suki’s sake…you know for the baby? ” Wait what? Suki was pregnant?? O_o and that’s how I noticed how much I did know from the other members…For Kokoro’s reaction slapping her forehead she apparently read my expression…

I tried to hide that fact and continued the conversation, explaining Chiyoko the situation; some minutes after she just said one thing.

“what color is it?”

“What color is is what?” I asked with a dumbfounded face

“The envelop of the letter” she said smiling; my face turned to the biju we met and she quickly showed a yellow envelop.

“Cool, it seems everyone is getting different colors!” Now the three of us were having the same face… Chiyoko began to laugh and then continued “You’re not the first ones that arrive; everyone else is in the backyard so why don’t you go there and wait till Nii-san calms things out?”

There was some silence as we nodded and headed towards where everyone else was.

“What’s your name?” Kokoro asked the new biju.



“Raijuu” I finally said joining the monosyllabic conversation we were having.

I was amazed to see that almost all the members were at Kyuubi-san’s backyard; the amazement vanished and was replaced with happiness; yet curiosity was killing me.

“ne Meeko, do you happen to know what is inside of this envelope?” A negative answer…damn it…

My question was answered when another member began to talk; it took me some seconds to identify who was it.

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moving in

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