My new monkey!

We were on vacation in France this week! My little brother, me, my mommy, her boyfriend, and two out of my three sisters! I found the cuterest monkey there! It was at a little gift shop at a zoo and it's a baby monkey! With a pacifier and everything! I fells in lurv with it from the start! I lurv ma baby monkey Jacques!

I'm a tiny person!

Note: My titles have nothing to do with what I'm going to talk about =3

Ello again my pretties =] teehee! I sound soooo creepy!
I went to my friends house today! He's so cool! He's older than me and we're SUCH good friends! I lurv him =] Not that way teehee!

Mel & her teddy Jelly!


Teehee! If you didn't read my member intro thingy mer bobber, I'm the fourth sister of the "Rodswick" family! Hehe! I'm actually 11, not 59 =] and I love my teddy bear! Hope I can make some friends on here! YAY!

Melanie ^ ~