a world I will write my poems in,and most of them are to someone important,someone i always think about..

Only one

You were the only one I truly loved
I thought we could last long but you proved me wrong
It happend all over again..
The pain that was at me solong ago befoe I met you
You numbed the pain but all the pain got back to me now.
The tears I cry right now are worth it...

The time with you was worth every second
And every minute was a dream come true..
I'll never forget and will never stop loving you,
You're stil my only one, no matter what happen
I hope you'll be happy there, wherever you are without me
I'll keep smiling...
Thank you for every moment, thank you for giving me time of your love
You thought me what true love means...

A new beautiful love

This Beautiful love,
Which making me touch the skies,
A new beautiful love that is close to me more then ever.

I love your smile and your joking around person,
I love your look even thought it's not the most perfect thing on earth,
I love the color of your eyes even if you'll think they're boring,
I love your voice no matter what people say about it,
I love your honestly because I know I can trust ♥
I love your test in music, even if I don't know it all ♫
I love that you're bisexual, not only because I'm also one ♂♀
I love all of you and I think you're perfect just like you're

My little Lady Gaga fan ♥♥
This song meant to you ♥
You gave my life a meaning and a full life,
You gave my heart rest from the nightmares and think about you,
My heart is full thanks to you.
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Why do I always have to speak the wrong things?

Again I hurted my love..
I speaked out the wrong things..
My mouth is too open to hold the things in my heart..
I'm sorry my love..

Watching me burn in your arms

I love you,
I hate you,
I can't decide!
I love you,
I hate you,
You keep playing with my heart,
Treathing me like a sex toy!
Once you with me,
Once you with other girl,
Watch me burn in your arms one last time.
I love you,
I hate you,
I can't decide!
I don't don't want you to watch me burn in your arms again.
How much I'm broken now,
How much I'm hopeless in your arms,
I can do better!
But you locked in my heart.
I love you,
I hate you,
I can't decide!
You keep playing with my heart,
Treathing me like a sex toy...

It's time

It's time to close my eyes and disapear,
It's time to see how the world would be without me,
It's time, to disapear and maybe come back,
It's time to patice on the things I never got,
It's time to close my eyes,
Lat him wake him up,
The one I thought as my love but as a friend,
Keeping in the darkness,
No one can light the darkness I'm in,
Only one plerson..

Closing my eyes and disapear, maybe forever.