Kin Hyuga
age: 13
weight:83 lbs
personality: shy, caring, sesitive and quiet type. he puts his index and middle fingers together when he's embaressed or nervous. similar to hinata. he has long silky black hair. he is very pale and is very skilled in genjutsu, taijutsu, and hyuga moves. he has hyuga eyes and is an expert w/ the byakugan. in shippuuden, he is quick to anger. especially by drunk people, like his sensei sakumi. he is VERY scarey and tends to hit and kick a lot when angered.
family: hinaru, hikiki, hinamaru, himi, and ken.
has many friends. but best friends are isela and kenny.
crush:kenny tenachi
loves spicy curry, bonding w/ isela, talking w/ hikaru, when hinaru isnt being mean to him, and hanging out w/ kenny.
dislikes it when his step mother yells at and beats him. when he is treated like hes weak, when his brother is mean to him, when isela is sad or hurt, and when kenny is disapointed in him.

isela and friends demons

isela uzumaki: hihashu the seven-tailed dog demon
kin hyuga: takimaru the eight-tailed cat demon
temina hinamem:ulela the puppet demon
tem hinamem:ranmaru the love demon
rina inuzuka:part demon because hihashu neji helped give her power
kenny tenachi:also part demon because of takimaru
sora uzumaki:70% demon because of isela/hihashu
nikumu uzumaki:soubi the six tailed lion demon
tokuya uzumaki:80%demon because of isela/hihashu
yura uzumaki:60% demon because of isela/hihashu
kanji hyuga:60% demon because of kin/takimaru
tojiamori hyuga:50% demon because of kin/takimaru
yohru hyuga:70% demon because of kin/takimaru
hinamaru hyuga: 60% demon because of a curse-mark jutsu
carla hoshigaki:wanizame the water/missery demon
J.T. kyuuketsuki:koumori the vampire demon
Jimmy ookami:inugakimaru the 3-tailed wolf demon
Sakumi haruno:doragon the dragon demon

Isela uzumaki

name:isela uzumaki DOB:july 1st date of date:idk yet current age:13 team #:13 team-mates: kennty tenachi, kin hyuga, sakumi haruno(sensei)height:5'3 weight:82 lb.s likes/loves: neji l8r rank:jonnin; becomes 6th hokage at 16 family:naruto uzumaki(little brother), minato(deceased father), kushina uzumaki(deceased mother), kamrein (how2sayit:kam-ren)hyuga(adoptive father) likes:friends, family, neji, shikamaru, onigiri,etc. dislikes:fangirls, when temina and rina fight over her, when temina and rina hug her, when her food gets cold,sakura, sasgay, tenten, orochimaru, kabuto, etc. friends: neji, kin hyuga, hinata, kenny tenachi, hikaru tenachi, kara utana, sakumi haruno, gaara, shikamaru, shikaki nara, rina inuzuka, temina hinamem, hinaru hyuga, shannon/shunnon, temari, kankuro, tobi, nagato(pein), konan, kakashi, iruka, might gai, lee, kiba, tsunade, jiraya, naruto, akamaru, bow, arrow, fire, bowie, bomber, etc. pets: dogs:red, naru, starlight, sunshine, midnight, ivy, blue snake: lexie hawks: 66, 42, una, diego, midnight, ogama, sunishi