Good day one and all. It is none other than Arthur Kirkland, better known as England. Because Gilbert (Prussia for those of you who do not know) has had so much success with his blog, I decided to try my hand at creating one!

With that said, I will be posting my diary on this website in hopes that I may get some well-deserved fans.

Happy reading,



So I gotta get out of this house before the old man finds me here! Hopefully he won't be back for another few hours though!

Last night I went with Matty to an AWESOME concert! But he got drunk and passed out, so I had to carry him home. I did so by strappin' him to the top of my car like a Christmas tree! YOU SHOULD HAVE HEARD ALL THE HONKS WE GOT WHEN WE RODE DOWN THE ROAD HAHAHAHAHA

So he slept on my couch and this morning he was PATHETIC. I couldn't even WHISPER to him without him fussin' about his head hurting! It was crazy!

I felt so bad for him, I made pancakes. He pretended to hate 'em, but mine are SOOOOO way better than his! I just know!

SO after that, we played some good ol' American football in my backyard! I pummeled him a few good times in the face (the guy SUCKS at football!) and he went home.

Now I'm over here chillin' at Iggy's house. So I guess I better go! If Eyebrows catches me here I could be in a HEAP of trouble!



Sorry to keep you guys waiting!

Yesterday ended with me and some of my buddies from the Marines (OOH-RAH!) drinking the night away at a local bar! I was SOOO drunk by the time I got home I couldn't even START to write! HAHAHA

Then today I went out with Canada again! We went to a place near my house and found a burger eating contest! Needless to say, I WON!!!

Then Canada convinced me to go play hockey with him. It was so boringggggg. And he took several cheap shots at me too! It was almost like he was TRYING to hit me with the stupid puck! I wanted to play football with him, but then he whined and cried and I finally felt kinda sorry for him. But he didn't have to HIT me with the puck! What'd I ever do to HIM!?

After that we went out for some more hamburgers and went home. From there all we did was sit around and watch cable on my couch. That's where we're STILL at! But Matty here's almost asleep on me, so I guess I gotta go so I can keep him entertained.

See you guys tomorrow!!!




Today was great everybody!

I met up with Matty and Germany and Italy at the beach today! We had a great game of volleyball (it was kind of gross though cuz Germany and Italy were in Speedos, I think it's a European thing.) Me and Canada whooped their ASSES! HAHAHA IT WAS SO FUNNY!

So then I grilled hamburgers for everyone on the beach. They were amazing as always. Germany insisted on grilling some kind of sasuage too, but I told him I had everything under control!

Came back home and played come SERIOUS Call of Duty on Live where again, there was some ass-whooping.

It was a kick-ass day all in all!

And I decided to change the old man's theme around some so it would look cool! Hope everybody likes it!




Alfred F. Jones here! The old man is spending his Spring Break at France's house, and my pal Japan helped me hack into his computer!

SO for all of my Spring Break, I'm gonna tell you guys what I'm doin!

First off, today I got up and had pancakes and beer with my baby brother Matty for breakfast! Then, Matty and I played Rock Band together! I did the lead guitar AND vocals and saved Matt from failing out on EVERY song! That's why I'm a hero!

Then, I called Japan up and he helped me figure out how to remember my password after I "forgot" it. (HAHAHA THAT'S HOW I GOT HIM TO HELP ME GET ON ARTHUR'S ACCOUNT HERE!)

So then I played pinball on Arthur's computer (which was NOT as fun as real pinball!) and made copies of my butt on Arthur's copy machine. Then I faxed one of those copies to EVERY nation and put at the bottom "From everyone's favorite gentleman" SO THAT THEY'D THINK IT WAS ARTHUR HAHAHAHA~!

Then for lunch I sat around the house and had Doritos and more beer! That's when things start getting a little fuzzy for me. I remember singing some songs with Canada, and then I remember asking him, "Why are you taking your pants off if you're not about to take a shower?" And next thing I know, I'm waking up on the couch and it's dinner time!

It was so weird! But anyways, for dinner I took Canada to Mickey D's and we got a couple of Big Macs and extra extra large Cokes! After that we watched Dancing with the Stars on tv and now I'm here!



Entry 14

Right, so nothing new and exciting. Except for the fact that I'm going to be starring in a movie.

That's right. Your's truly, Arthur Kirkland, will be one of the stars featured in the movie coming out this summer, Hetalia: Axis Powers: Paint it, White!

You may have only seen a glimpse of me in the trailer, but everyone knows that I'm going to be one of the most important players. I don't care if the movie or the series is called Hetalia: AXIS Powers, I'm a star! Even if those gits Italy, Germany, and Japan are involved! Yes, Sealand finally got some credit as well, but I'm the important one! It upsets me a bit though how they put me right before showing France...

Anyhow, if you haven't seen the trailer, I encourage you to do so! This movie will be worth the time it takes to become available to everyone.