Tears with a Smile

First of all, I'd like to thank you all for your comments on previous post.
I'm sorry about not replying to them individually (Too lazy and my day was just irritating.) but I wanted to say thank you to each of you just for commenting.
I feel a little bit better, even though my day was trash, I got through the day.

There are a few things on my agenda today;
After I do this post, I'll do my laundry and finish by maybe 6:30...Then its just me, a cold cup of water, an iPod, laptop, and an Xbox. Still, I'll have to go to sleep early since I have some stuff to do tommorow. After that I'll do this essay and some other homework. I may start tonight, but my day has frustrated me to the point where I'll focus on chilling.

I won't go into detail about my day, but I still can't stand this school and these people. I need to thank my Bio teacher for what she did for me during my little meltdown. I still was on the verge of choking this one person and beating him beyond recognition, but I've calmed down now. I don't know how much I can take of this crap Day After Day (by Haji's Kitchen.)

There are some things on here that I need to do, though. I'm thinking about adding onto my Intro thing for this world. I have to delete Sleepless Dreams. Then I'll replace it with Crunch The Cord and the like. I've finally thought up a filler episode of "Nightmare Princess" and I may get to it, but I have alot to do. Maybe I'll start mapping it Saturday Night.

I think there's something I'm forgetting, I'll probably post it later.

I'm trying to change my icon, its a surprise and I hope if anyone's paid attention, they'll probably remember where its from.

Anyone that can handle heavy metal songs, can you listen to "Blinded in Chains" by Avenged Sevenfold and evaluate if its appropriate for this site for me, s'il te plait?
If not, then I'll change my world theme to another song that I haven't officially Cunched yet (But I have in the past).

Love y'all.
Sorry for the disturbance.
Thank you for everything.
I kinda see what you mean, but that only amplifies the meaning of life. If you think about death at the end of its post, you'll know that I love you. And some other stuff that I don't have time to get deeper into at the moment.

See ya later.