Tensions Rising

Today has been a bad day, but I guess I saw it coming.
I purposely didn't get any sleep, and I willingly went there with a bad attitude. I was so angry that by the end of the day I seriously wanted to hurt someone. And for my sake, my wish was not met. Although I almost got into a fight, I was smart enough not to get suspended, but I wanted to severly hurt the next person I saw.

If I could get away with it.

Especially that bitch in my 1st Period.
I know I'm supposed to working on my anger problems, but fuck it for the day, I'll say whatever I want 'cuz I'm an American who is excercising his freedom of speech. When she dies I will be the one putting a "Thank You" note in her casket. And I bet you everyone who she thinks likes her won't know her name. But me, I'm a crazy, hateful, vengeance starving, violent, narcissistic, masochistic, insane psychopath with a complex mind that will overpower her stupidity vermillion...I escaped Alcatraz and they gave me a new identity so I can live amongst people. I punch a wall 'cuz it feels good and I am a person who really should not be fucked with. She is lucky that she's a girl and I'm a Christian because if I was any more like my past self...I can't say what I'd do 'cuz it'd be premeditated.

*Huff* I got it out of my system. But yeah, I punched the bathroom stall wall and the force broke the little toilet paper dispenser, then I punched a locker like 4 times, now I have a dark spot the size of a teardrop on my hand; and I don't care. I'm still pissed off and someone pray for me because if my Geometry teacher pulls some crazy shit, I'll be further down...And probably lose my mind. I am okay for now, but I'm in such a deep state of anger right now, I'll have to wear it out for the week.

It all stemmed from what Verny Vern said, and its gonna be a long time until I get over it...What she said was uncalled for, adn I probably should not be left alone with her. Everyone 'xcept my Grandmother is leaving tommorow and will be back in a few days, and its just me and her. I hope I don't throw a fit or anything.
Somebody please pray for me.

I need some repentance.
I am sorry for anyone having to read this, but this is how extreme my rage is at the moment.

In the midst of my anger
I still love all of ya
Won't stop
Thank you for being my friends