Sunday Sadness

I'm a bit sad.
Today one of my really good friends is going back to college and I won't see her again for a while. I'ma miss her.
Still, I'm not doing so bad.

Church was surprisingly new today; I was forced to sing in the choir, and I dind't really hate it, I actually had a good time. But I don't really have the lungs for that, and I forgot some of the words, but we did well.
Today was AJ's birthday, *Claps* and he did a very good job singing today!
I'm still a bit let down about Zakia leaving, but I know I'll see her again sometime so I won't be lying here in a pity well all day. But, I hope that nobody gives me any trouble at Church since she won't be there to back me up. I still have some friends to hang out with, so its not like she's gone, just...Not here with us physically. Oh well.

I am officially registered for Confirmation. At first I was skeptical about it and I didn't think I'd like it, but when I went to orientation, I could'nt wait for it to begin. I think this is just the thing I'm looking for to take another step in my journey. Even though I haven't been 100%, I still feel strong...And happy. I could die right now without regrets. But since I have too much to live for, death will have to wait for me!

Wanted to share this, so I did.
Love y'all.
'Till death and beyond.

P.S: I'm finally going back to the movies, it feels like forever since I've seen my Mom.