Not Too Bad

Wow, man. I feel like I should be angry, but I'm not. For starters, my Shoulder still hurts from the shot. I took two pills after I got it, and for God knows what reason, I cannot seem to dry-swallow a pill to save my life. Nevertheless, my shoulder hurts. It's fine when you leave it alone, but when you touch it, it hurts. I think the Flu Shot is a muscle injection; Speaking of which, I think my muscles have been changing. My shoulder looks different, my entire arm is getting veiny, ironically, my hurt arm...Both of my legs hurt, well, not hurt, they feel heavy; When I run they feel uncomfortable. That scab on my knee from probably last week, no, it started as a bruise, but there was some internal bleeding, and when I was practicing, I guess the wound opened.

I put some alcohol on it (I'm such a masochist) psych....It freaking stung! I don't like bleeding, when I bleed, it burns coming out. And during yesterday's game, it opened up again. Today it closed back up, now I have this welt on my leg that I hope will go away because I don't want to start bleeding in the middle of a game. Today, practice was swell, in a word. Sadly, I felt so weak and out of energy. I haven't been able to sleep well, last night I could'nt breathe. I took some Vick's Vapo-Rub, and it cleared up my right nostril, but my left one was still plugged. I could hardly get any oxygen in it, and even when I took a deep breath, it hurt; It felt like I was breathing in small shards into my lungs. All throughout today, it was burning too, it felt like my nose was bleeding all day, even now it still is uncomfortable. I'll try the Vapo-Rub again tonight.

Right, practice was okay. We only had 7 people, there weren't many people there...Poor Tyler, he really needs help with some personal stuff, please extend a prayer or two to him, he needs it. I hope he pulls through, I really do; I hate seeing my friends in distress!!
Aside from that, we scrimmaged the Girls' Team, and we beat 'em. They had 11 players AND they got away with all of their fouls! I still don't feel 100% right now, but hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight and by tommorow, I'll feel better.
Even before the nostril incidents, I haven't been able to sleep. I'm too tired to sleep (Writes poetic quote down)...My eyes feel heavy in the afternoon, but I just can't fall asleep at night.
I'll need it tonight, with the pain/uncomfortability I'm in, and the game tommorow, we need it. We've been getting the crap beaten out of us all season, I want it to change tommorow.

That's all I really have on me at the moment;
Love y'all
Good night.

Oh, yeah...I will have to get some blood work done later...If I hadn't said that before and something else.
before I forget!

This weekend might not be a good week for me, but I've been trying to initiate this thing called "Nightmare Week". Just guess what it is!
I'll give you a minute or two.
*Whistles the "Jeapordy" theme 3 times*

Drumroll please. *Flashes in a collage of random colors*
If you guessed that I'll be attempting to give myself Nightmares and explain them (Yeah, I can summon nightmares.), you guessed incorrectly...*Wa-wa-wa*
Sorry. But for real, in the spirit of Halloween (Which I'm sad to report that not many people are feeling. Only 1 house has been decorated...They did well.), I know it's not that scary, but I am going to try to write at least 1 episode of "Nightmare Princess" a week. I'll aim for Saturdays since that's when I have the most time.

I love this, the "Peanuts" series (Charlie Brown) has made Hollywood. Inner voice: "It's about damn time!!" I LOVE CHARLIE BROWN, it makes me feel like a kid again. I remember one time my Dad came to visit me when I was like...4, and we just sat and watched a Charlie Brown movie every night. *Sighs* It brings me joy.
Charlie Brown will never go out of style, and if so is done (Which it won't, not while I live), then the world has officially been reduced to shit.

Ok, that's it this time.
Love y'all
Good night!