Suck-ass day

Today sucked so much!
It was an "A"-day, so its not very ironic.

But still, I felt good about taking my Geometry test, but after that, I just felt really lethargic. English was okay, we had a test in French that I totally forgot, but I felt prepared...But I almost fell asleep before we took the test, I just felt weird, I was really hungry, it was super hot in there, it was too freaking loud, I guess my body just quit on me.
I just wanted History class to end. And as it turns out, I was right about the game today. But I'm not rubbing it in anyone's face right now.

I feel like crap. *Turns a defeated Brown* I'm so tired!

Anyways, I was also a bit nervous 'cuz I had a Doctor's appointment, and the most logical reason why, shots. I won't lie, I was shaking a bit, but right before I got them, I relaxed...It was a Flu Shot, which I don't remember taking, but I didn't even feel it...I did, but it just felt like someone was poking me w/ their finger. I don't remember what exactly I was getting injections for when I had those bad memories about needles, I do know that one was because I had to get blood drawn...I was like...9 then, and I was petrified of that Butterfly Needle that they said would hurt less, that was not true.
I will have to get blood drawn maybe on Friday. Whatever. And the band-aid didn't hurt coming off either, I was surprised at that because my hairy arms make band-aids hurt when I peel them off; I don't even know why they gave me one, there was no cut.

I'm uber-angry because we got the shit kicked out of us in soccer again. As a team we looked pathetic. I was gettin' irritated because Julian, our goalie, who really didn't block any shots today (I'm surprised, because he blocks WAY more shots than which ones get away.) kept drilling me because I had to keep abandoning my post to cover a lethal opening in the Middle. I don't know where my Defensive Mids were, but they weren't blocking their men...I even blocked a shot or two, but they got mad at me because I left my side...I freaking had to! They weren't passing anything over there, we were getting torn apart from the Middle, not the Right!
Also, I was about to punch #19's head off. Arrogant prick, startin' fights over petty stuff. When they had a Corner Kick, I said "I got #19! Someone get #8!" and he said "No you don't, 'cuz if you do..." and some other stuff that really should'nt have been said. He even threatened me after an accident, shithead.

Plus, I saw Araceli, a 'companion' of mine from last year, and apparantely that was 'his girl', so he just had to keep stuff up. I told the refs, to check him, but they didn't listen. Even after the game, he flipped me off and said "You see this finger", I was about to risk getting a red card, punch him in the face, then look over his near-unconscious corpse and say "You see these FIVE fingers, bitch!?"

And I'm getting so damn tired of everybody constantly railing on me over little stuff. I'm not even that upset that we lost (Almost 20-0)...We got our battleships sunk deeply. "Titanic" has nothing on us. But still, my aunt, WHO ONLY SAW THE FIRST HALF AND MAYBE 25 MINS OF THE SECOND HALF lecture me about "You need to stop hittin the ground when you hit the ball!" "Stay off the ground!" "You'll get hurt if you keep hittin' the floor!" and the most stupidest line that I keep hearing, and that doesn't make much sense "Nobody else was doing that!" And that last one was not true...Earnest, our Attacking Mid was slide-tackling everybody, sacrificing his body just to make a trip and stuff...The only reason I kept sliding was because someone ran around me and I could barely get back and stop them...Trying to slide-tackle and miss is better than have them score right in my face. Even now she's still talking about how I kept tugging my shirt at the first game we ever played...That was last frikin' month. And besides, who cares if I'm the only one doing stuff.

After EVERY SINGLE GAME, Edwin literally takes all of his shirts off and walks back to the bus shirtless and nobody else says SHIT about it. It's the coach's job to drill me, and I already get enough of that during the game, the last thing I need is her railing me over small stuff. It's a sport, not a beauty contest...
And Javier, why won't this guy just quit the team and leave us alone? He keeps slacking around, arguing w/ the coach, and taking off his equipment in the middle of the game. And he's supposed to be our captain? Thank goodness coach demoted him, he didn't deserve it. He just straight-up gave up on us...And he does it all the time at Practice.

But the Spitball Cherry on top of this bullcrap day...Guess who?!
Verny Vern just can't say a nice word about me to save her own life.

But it's time for me to go to bed, so good night.