Today was ok, but I'm kinda bored, a little upset, etc.

First of all, it was a "B"-day, so I was supposed to be chill, but not really. What irritates me is when I want to write about it I feel lazy. But whatever; We finished "Crimson Tide" in ROTC. It was a good movie, but the stuff that happened in it seemed dumb to me. I understand what was going on, it's just that I didin't like the conflict in it, it made little sense to me.
It's hard to explain what I mean without taking clips from the movie, but I am officially shooting the subject.

Biology, I felt dead inside...Gym, I felt tortured at how 5 dumbasses make us all do punishment runs. I just want to beat someone three feet under. I can't believe how stupid people are nowadays. That class just makes me so hostile, I've had quite a temper lately.

Also, progress reports came in today. The grades were two weeks old, and I did a bit better than I thought. I thought I was failing Geometry, English, and History...Turns out I had a "B" in both Geometry and English, and the worst grade I got was a 74 in History. Still, these grades are only two weeks old.
I had...4 As, 3 Bs and a C; but I was upset since I had an 89 in French. That's the one class tha I had total confidence in that I was passing. Screw it all, it's only a progress report. Whatever.

Our game today was cancelled, so instead we had practice. It got warmer, but it was still pretty cold; Nevertheless, my tolerance overcame it. We have a game tommorow, and I'm going to the doctor's right after school, then my Aunt is gonna drive me to the game.

I'm so full of lethar right now.
Anyways, I'll be on here for a while tonight.

Love y'all.
And in 40 mins, good night.