Good Week Start

Today was an "A"-Day, but I still had a pretty good day.
First of all, I got some help in Geometry, thank goodness the test was postponed. And I found out I have an 81 in that class, so I'm not failing. I was really scared too.

Anyways, English was funny. We had that crazy sub again (I won't explain what happened 'cuz I'm just trying to rush it. I don't have alot of time.)
French was just regular. History was cool, and right now there's something I am forgetting to post about. Hm.

RIGHT! We may have games for the next couple of days. I don't even know, I just know that we do have a game tommorow. We've been losing lately, but right now we dont' care. We're doing okay, but our offense really needs work. But Hell, I'm on Defense, that ain't my department.
Practice was FUNNY!!!

First of all, it was freezing-freaking-cold out. I've also learned something new about myself; I'm starting to become accustomed to the cold. I cannot stand the freaking cold! I like the warmth. But today I was almost about to sprint 3 laps around that big-ass field without even breaking a sweat. Other than that, we did ok. And we did a bit of hazing.
Before I get to that, I'm sorry, Tyler; But I had to laugh at that....accident. I'm sorry, but Tyler got RACKED! And I know it hurts, and I feel your pain, but for some reason I just die laughing when I see that happens to people.

Oh, yeah, I remember what I'm missing.
I am starting to think I hav the potential to possibly mortally wound someone; On Sunday, I was horsin' around w/ these two newbs at the church. In my defense, he made a joke about the Redskins, so I hit him. Not seriously, but still, he was hurt! My backfists are my strongest punches, hooks, uppercuts, straights, they don't really hurt. I can throw some good jabs, but I can't punch really hard. At least I don' think; He said it hurt bad, and like I've hard many people say before, after I ask them to let me demonstate one punch, they retort quickly like I'm about to stab them...Like I really hurt them.
I don't fight my friends like I fight my enemies. Darryl thought that it was because I have skinny arms (Which are getting thinner...Plus, my veins are nocturnal, I'll explain that later.) and that my punches usually use my bone strength. That's all true, 'cuz if I make a fist, you can see my skeletal knuckles. The skin on it looks like a tortoise shell. And he said that my month (Or more) of Tae-Kwon Do that I took when I was SIX probably carried over.

Plus, today, at lunch (I always eat lunch in Sr. Chief's Office, the cadets can hang out in the storage room, we all eat ramen noodles, soda, and stuff, it's like a little hangout.) this guy (I keep forgetting his name.) was tellin' everyone that I can kick high...'Cuz I'm tall (I also grew a bit...ENOUGH WITH THE PARENTHASIES!) and then I tried to demonstrate a punch or two and he's a junior, and he said "HELL no!" and I tried to sneak 'em in, but I could'nt. Even today, after Keon embarassed me last week I didn't have it in me to steal my hits even though he was too scared to take 'em. And I can also kick better too, I can quickly kick a person in their leg, hip, and possibly neck in a single motion and even quicker than before. The thing is, when I kick high, the foot that's on the ground ALWAYS shifts a bit, and if someone capitalizes, they can just tap my foot and I'll be off balance.

But back to practice, yeah, sorry Tyler, but that was kinda funny!
We did Keep-Aways, and my 'team' wiped the floor with the best players on our team...Even the goalie (His foulin' ass.), the first time, losers were supposed to do 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups. Even then, we were just clownin' each-other to death. The second time...*Laughs*...The second time, we did some hazing; Losers had to literally line up on in front of the goal and let us attempt to Score Kick the ball right in their asses! We had 'em line up like they're being executed and we just...Ready...Aim...FIRE! Sadly, we all missed, I almost hit Javier, but he moved...And David moved when Edwin almost knocked him out cold.
And the funnies (AND NASTIEST!) part of the whole event...I could'nt believe he did this, but Nate freaking MOONED us...I felt like I was in a "Jackass" movie, it was so freakin' funny.

I was almsot about to be ruined 'cuz my laptop was fritzy. I had dropped it yesterday, but it was still working. Today the monitor was actin' up. But it's cool now.

Love y'all