Just felt like posting.
Alot has been happenin' lately.
(Right now I'm in a super dark purple color w/ white spots. When I said I'm a chameleon I meant that shit.)

But ja, I have a game tomm. And tommorow's a freakin A-Day! PLUS I have a History test. I'm usually pretty good at history, its just harder to comprehend in that class. French is still kinda easy, things aren't the most interesting right now. Still a bit boring, but I'm still cool, so.

What else?
Oh, right.

I have been recently looking into astrology lately, well, the zodiac signs specifically. I'm a Taurus, and the stuff I read about Taurus(es) are quite accutate. They describe me quite well, some of it is a bit stray, but stars don't determine people. I am going to look into my friends' zodiac signs, it seems like a fun convention.

Eh, just felt like posting. Not that much, but whatever.
*Sleepy Color*