What A Blowout

First of all, yesterday was a complete blowout, and today doesn't seem so glorious either.

Yesterday, even though I didn't have school, I was supposed to have another game. I had to be at school by 1:40 (And since I'm a Freshman, I am the labor worker. So I had to get the water) and we had to leave by 2:15 to leave for a game that started at 3:30.
Plus, the weather was bad. In the sky, there was nothing but fluff and dark cotton. Atop that, it was supposed to rain, but th emost it did was a slight drizzle.
BUT....Apparantely, the Boy's Soccer Team of ____High School, didn't SHOW UP to their own school. How do you miss a home game? So, we won by default, but that's not even a win, to me that's not a win, that's a title with no meaning. So, we had to watch the Girls Team wipe the floor with another school again. They didn't win fairly though...It doesn't even matter, 'cuz they are tearing the division apart.

So the boys just did a mock practice. And the bus came super late, so we had to stand there in the cold drizzle that turned into a slow-rain for about 45 mins, then go back to the school where I had to wait another 30 mins for someone to pick me up. I left at 1:35 and didn't come back home 'till 6:30, and it was almost a total waste of 5 hours of my life.

So today so far is kinda boring too. But hey, I'm relaxing, and my knee isn't hurting, so I'm ok.
*Huff* What to do...What to do?