Wish Bucket List M.

Eh, this just a "Meme" of sorts that I want to do.
I literally just had the idea out of the blue (After watching somethin' on TV.) and if this Meme has been done before, I take no credit for 'creating' this.

Basically it's a "Bucket List" of things that you haven't done, wish you could do (Fantasy-like wishes are accepted too.) or whatever.
I'll start:

.I have never climbed a tree
.Never eaten honeysuckle
.I've always wanted to invent something new
.Never climbed a mountain
.Wish bubblegum cigarettes came back
.Never played a sport for more than one year
.Never had a 'life'
.Never 'Got out' as people say
.Never got into a fight that lasted very long
.Never had a driving lesson that lasted more than a minute
.Never been to Japan
.Never been to a country that was on my 'other' list
.Wish I had another Root Beer Float, I only had one
.Wish Keyblades were real...Would be an awesome weapon
.Never had my own weapon. Not even a pair of nunchaku
.Never did much in school other than work
.Wish that there was such thing as live gaming
.Never learned how to play an instrument
.Never learned a second language
.Never been to a Con
.Never had pocky
.Wish I had a hat. Not a cap, a brimmed hat, they're cool
.Wish I had a cape, capes are kinda cool too
.Wish I had never broken a bone (I would've if I hadn't worn sandals that day)
.Was never good at throwing things except for pencils

I'm drawing a bit of a blank, but that's just a start. Whatever