Today, Tiredness, and New Friend

I am so freakin' beat! As we speak, the party is still going on. I woke up at 9:00, well...You know the story, but yeah. I was serving (Sorry for those who commented on my last post, I had to leave right as I was typing a response.) and never got back. The clean-up is gonna be a nightmare!!!

But I'm serioiusly pissed. My weekend has officially been frozen. The only thing I did was go to the Rave, and I didn't have to go...It was okay though. But yeah, I had to serve alot of people! I have barely gotten a break...Well, actually; This is my only break. And on a Saturday, too. But since I've seen the first maybe 13 episodes (Or more) of "Samurai 7" already, it's not as important anymore. But Saturdays are usually my chill days, but whatever. And my cousin...I have a welt on the bridge of my nose because of her, my foot, head, and stomach is hurting. I am so freakin' at the edge! She has boiled all the way over with me, and I'm starting to act like a real asshole. That's the severe sign that I'm royally pissed off. And something needs to be done! I'm getting real sick of her saying 'No' to me like she has a choice when I tell her something. She's somewhat simmered down now, but I cannot stand this! It's the first week of High School, the school is good, but my ass his always being hounded at home for the smallest stuff! Jeez, man! I just want to be left ALONE! (Except for y'all...You're good company and I enjoy you all.) Seriously, I just started High School, and I already have a whole year's worth of anger and stress. This is so freaking crazy.

Also, I apologize to Adam and to everyone else about my recent language...I've just been so pissed off, and I don't have any other outlet, and I am just like a radical bomb...I'm just wildly shaking with anger and I am trying to calm myself down, but I am in the midst of the storm. And right now, I have a serious headache!! I wanna relax and go to sleep!!

And, I have a new friend. It's one of the coolest 'insects' or is it an arachnyd? Anyway, it's the first Praying Mantis that I've ever seen in my entire life. I'm so excited. He/She has been sitting on the window without moving all day. He's changed positions a few times, but he just sits there Pray(Prey)ing. I think it's a he, so I think I might name him Frankie. I don't know.

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.Mark the Mantis (Probably not)
.Mitch the Mantis