Rave, Irritation Beyond, and Strike!

Since it was Yesterday, this will be my long-coming final post about it. Crave the Rave was yesterday. It was pretty good.
(Warning! I am tender on this subject, so please be careful when you comment about this!!)
At first, there weren't many people I recognized. Keon was there (Although there were a few problems.) and a few other people from last year. The beggining was very dull, but the scene was crazy! There were glow sticks there, a good ingredient for my definition of a Rave,but the music was sucky, the people were crazy too. I also saw Senior Cadet "Armadillo" there too....Lookin' like a green Usher. Hahaha! And I was upset 'cuz there were a whole lot of broken glue sticks everywhere, some of it got on me.
If that stuff seeps into your skin, it could kill you. If anyone saw that episode of "1000 Ways to Die", you remember that drug dealer who injected that stuff into his veins and died instantly?! Ya, that's what people were doing (Aside from the drug dealing and injectiong it into their veins, they were putting it on their skin. And if they started sweating, it would've been a disaster.)

The music was pathetic, though. I tried to block it out, which I usually do. But I was mostly occupied with helping Keon out with his situation. I did meet this cool person, though...But I did make a terrible first impression, so we agreed to erase that encounter. Ya...But believe it or not, I danced. (This is the sore part of the topic.) And usually I am not a dance-y person. But I can be...Sorta...Forced into a good setting where I can freely 'dance'. The icing on that cake was when I met this other guy, and he was standing in front of a strobe light, and it looked like he (Himself) was moving at unnatural speed. He was doing this Tai-Chi like movement. And then, I showed him 'my own'. (Dont' laugh!!) and eventually I was knda getting into it. And now I told Senior Cadet to call me "Shadow Man" from now on. Because what happened was, the spinning strobe lights were just a small module on the floor, and I got real close to it...And I went crazy, just let loose. But I concentrated on looking at the ceiling and saw my giant shadow appearing to move slower than me. And I showed people, they were pretty impressed. So when I was doing my own thing, I was like "Eh, this ain't so bad." and I just did whatever. But Keon is going through some stuff with an 'abusive' girl he's apparently with, and alost got into a fight with two people. He just needs to heed my words, and at least pay attention. Somehow I think I got the message through to him, and I think he just needs time to think. But I know I play around alot, and am kind of a jakass to him, but that doesn't mean anything. He's a good friend and I love him.
SO! By the end of the rave, things were 'okay'. Or so I thought.
The rave ended at 11:00 (Although the flier said 11:30.) and from that point on, we were choring! We had alot of preparing to do for Verny Vern's party tonight! Well, now...It's in 2 hours, and we're practically done, but the rain still needs to dry up, and I don't know where she is. She had a hair appointment at 1:00, it's 3:30 now.

Last night we didn't stop 'till 12:30AM. I was so beat, I was turning into a real prick. But most of that was because once again, I'm at my wits end with my cousin! She is pissing me off so much! It was the usual, but it is progressively getting worse...She is so disrespectful, and is talking to me with disrespect on a regular basis, and nobody sees it, they only think that I'm being mean to her. But would'nt you be angry if your subordinate didn't listen!? I mean, that's how they are with me over little stuff! At lest I'm trying! She is doing this shit on purpose and it's pissing me the fuck off! I am just on the verge of cussin' someone out or punching something! Why will she just not leave me alone?! And nobody else seems to understand that I wat to be left alone if she won't start listening to me. Every time I tell her she deliberately chooses to do the opposite, and nothing seems to go wrong for her, but I am not gonna wait for her to get hers anymore, because apparantely, he's not gonna get it. But I'm about to talk to Aunie and Uncle Greg, and I will not stop until I get different resutls. They have gotten on her with some things, but there must be more severe punishments because she still is disrespecting people, and arguing with me...I can't stand to have her argue with me! I just want to cuss her out, but I am at my thinnest point of sanity right now...And every time something happens, it's like a 75-25 toss up of me snapping!

You know, today, Ms. Joyce (Verny Vern's best friend, and she's like our aunt.) took time out of her super busy schedule with helping us prepare for Verny Vern's party, to run to 7-Eleven and pick us up a treat or two (Since I woke up at 9:00, and only at breakfast, and was working 'till 1 or 2 o' clock. It was a blessing that I had time to brush my teeth, and I didn't shower until 2...And I needed to since I didn't shower last night either.) and I got a Slurpee for myself,and one for my cousin. I give it to her and she said "Thank you." (She needs to work on her manners too.) to which I said "Don't thank me, thank Auntie Joyce." and she went back and forth with me for hours giving me an excuse saying that "You brought it to me, so I don't need to say thank you." I tell you, I am starting not to care. If Auntie or Uncle Greg are gonna let her do this to me, I don't care. But if she grows up and something happens to her, I won't care because it won't be on my conscience. You can't help someone who won't listen. And it only causes yourself stress, anger, and in my case, suicidal thoughts. I can't let this build up inside of me forever, but I am getting sick of the shit that I'm going through. And this is everywhere I go. It ay not be specifically with a subordinate, but everywhere I go, there is a problem...And I'm so frickin' sick of it! So now there is no other choice but to do something about this, because if this one problem with my cousin is fixed, I will be set for life. So what if life sucks?! So what if I will have problems in the future?!
Right now, when Verny Vern says I need to "Enjoy my teenage years.", why would they let a serious problem like this go on?!!

If not for me, but for their own! I'm not their child, but they've raised me...But when it comes to their own child, I thought, or the most common logic would be that they don't let their own child have major problems like this...And especially at such a young age. I never had older siblings growing up, but there isn't much difference! Jeez, man...This is just screwing me up in all types of ways!

And as for Strike. I decided that I'm going to stick with "Pockie Ninja II" for a while. Hopefully, I can improve my development and not make the same mistakes. But at this rate, I am full of problems!! I have like a thousand and one missions to complete, and they all take up my Movement Points, and my Gift Coupons...There aren't nearly as many rewards as in "Pockie Ninja I", but they said that there are some upgrades, improvements, etc. But I think there's gonna be a "Pockie Ninja III" Beta version soon. Hopefully my stuff will transfer instead of having to constantly rebuild my character from scratch all over again.

Killer Bee with you.
And NEVER call me Shadow Man!