Hey guys!
It's TDE here, and this is my diary world, full of my day-to-day thoughts and chronologies of my boring, eventful, crazy, insane, funny, awesome, sometimes silly, angry, lazy life.

If You Wanna Know Who I Am...

Name: Kyle
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: African-American
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Faith: United Methodist Christian
Birthday: May 14
Prospective U.S Airman
Part-Time Otaku
this site, anime, watching Vines, video-games, soccer, rock music, being humbly awesome and funny
Dislikes:Bullies, idiots, loudness, being in dull or stale atmospheres, my laziness, Facebook, the list goes on.
Good Qualities: Smart, funny, forgiving, proud of moral compass, determined, witty, eccentric
Bad Qualities: Not very social, Has slight anger problems, Family is discordant, Can't Sing/Dance, Incredibly Garrulous, Annoying to a fault, Keeps too much to himself

List of Favorites-
Anime: *In no specific order, and all is inclusive but not limited*

  • Dragon Ball (Including Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball: GT),
  • Naruto(:Shippuden),
  • One Piece (a little...I consider myself more of a Naruto guy than Bleach or this)
  • IGPX,
  • Inuyasha
  • Zatch Bell!
  • Code Lyoko (I consider it an anime...somewhat)
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Samurai Champloo
  • Baka to Test
  • School Rumble
  • Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Soul Eater
  • [C] The Money and Soul of Possibility Control
  • Kill la Kill
  • Kyoukai no Kanata
  • Okami-San and her Seven Companions
  • FLCL
  • Panty & Stocking
  • Spice & Wolf
  • Black Lagoon
  • RWBY (I consider it an anime)
  • Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist (its okay)
  • .hack//SIGN
  • Cyborg 009
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Astro Boy
  • Deadman Wonderland
  • Boku wa Tomadachi ga Sukunai/Haganai
  • Boku wa Tomadachi ga Sukunai NEXT/ Haganai: NEXT!
  • Hajime no Ippo
  • Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple
  • Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
  • Samurai 7

~Currently Watching~

  • Tenjou Tenge (Complete)
  • Karen Senki (Complete)
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Arpeggio of Blue Steel
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure [2013 reboot]
  • Problem Children [Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They?]

  • Naruto: Shippuden
  • Tokyo Ghoul Season 2
  • Katekyo Hitman REBORN! (Season 1 complete)
  • Death Parade
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable
  • Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Need To Read/Watch/Finish
-Wagnaria!! (Working!!)
-Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto
-Hunter x Hunter
-Dimension W
-Shokugeki no Souma
-Dagashi Kashi
-The Monogatari Series
-Tegami Bachi
-Gakkou Gurashi
-Fate/Zero & Fate/Stay Night
-Fist of the North Star
-Saint Seiya (aka Knights of the Zodiac)
-My Hero Academia
...(more down the line)

Video-Games: *Including but not limited to*
Tekken, Dragon Ball Z, (not the biggest fan of FPS games), Need for Speed, games coming from anime, etc.
Watch Dogs
TV Shows:
The Big Bang Theory, The Boondocks, King of The Nerds, Impractical Jokers, Sleepy Hollow, American Horror Story, Anger Management, Jeopardy!, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Saturday Night Live!, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Family Guy (a little).
Movies: OMG I've seen a lot of movies!!

  • Equilibrium (Christian Bale, Tay Diggs)
  • Fight Club (Edward Norton, Brad Pitt)
  • Sucker Punch (Emily Browning)
  • Ip Man *All of them* (Donnie Yen)
  • The Raid: Redemption (Iko Uwais)
  • The Raid: Berandal (Iko Uwais)
  • Michael Bay's "Transformers" (I STILL think the first one was the best)
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller)
  • Tower Heist (Ben Stiller)
  • Collateral (Jamie Foxx, Tom Cruise)
  • Oblivion (Tom Cruise)
  • Cop Out (Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan)
  • Damaged (Steve Austin)
  • Resident Evil (Milla Jovovich)
  • Tekken (Live action was pretty good)
  • Fireball
  • Flowers in the Attic
  • The One (Jet Li)
  • Looper (Joseph Gordon Levitt)
  • Premium Rush (Joseph Gordon Levitt)
  • 300 (Gerard Butler)
  • The Bounty Hunter (Gerard Butler)
  • The Expendables
  • Parental Guidance
  • Admissions (Tina Fey)
  • 2 Guns (Mark Wahlberg, Denzel Washington)
  • The Equalizer (Denzel Washington)
  • God's Not Dead (Kevin Sorbo)

the list will never cease...

Genre(s) of Music: Rock, JRock, Metal, Electric/Techno, (occasional Vocaloid), anime OST, video-game OST.
Band: The Pillows, Avenged Sevenfold, American Rejects, Coldplay
Song: Last Dinosaur by The Pillows & One Life by the Pillows

~!My Best Friends On Here!~

Domine Kuro
Klassic/ Judai Winchester
Darling V/Spider Queen
toyotami kun
kita mikichi
Eiri Yuki s Lover
Hikari the Wolf
Team Plasma N
Larxy the Strange
Keba Si Rota
Blue Tea
Elemental Ninja
Sweet Tea
Naomi Bear
Prismblossom (Although she is no longer with us)
-Shout yourselves out!

Song of my Life I

Song of my Life II
This Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage
Song of my Life III
No More Words by Endeverafter
Song of ME
As I am by Logic


Month's Meme

Taken from Snowzi.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
A serene settlement with lots of nature and silence. Maybe a desert or the base of a mountain.
EDITS: Probably Iceland. IDK, I saw it on that Justin Bieber music video and thought "That would be paradise."

What is your biggest fear?
I've progressed in my disdain for dogs, so right now my biggest fear is failure.

What would you change about yourself if you could?
My relationship with my family.

What is your favorite thing about your career? Besides the money?
Currently in my high-school career, if that counts. Favorite thing about that? The advent of success.

What is your biggest complaint about your job?
The fact that I don't have one.

What is your proudest accomplishment?
I'd like to think that at some point in time, I saved someone's life or made a positive impact on it. But that's not concrete, so come back to me on that.

What is your favorite book to read?
"Catcher in the Rye" by J.D Salinger bcuz Holden says and does things that I think.

What makes you laugh the most?
Something on YouTube.

What was the last movie you went to? What did you think?
"Risen." It was a pretty good spin-off, but I thought the scenery was odd.

What did you want to be when you were small?
At one point I wanted to be "an inventor." This was right after I saw the movie "Robots" but soon after I realized that the idea was stupid.

What is your favorite game or sport to watch and play?
Currently loving Storm 4, but sport-wise I like soccer.

Would you rather ride a bike, ride a horse, or drive a car?
How about teleportation? Seems pretty useful.

If you could hire someone to help you, would it be with cleaning, cooking, or yard work?
Cooking. That way I could learn a valuable skill from someone who was supposed to help me.

Do you like surprises?
Only the good ones.

Would you rather vacation in Hawaii or Alaska, and why?
Hawaii. Tropical weather and pineapples---good combos.

Would you rather win the lottery or work at the perfect job?
Win the lottery. There's no such thing as a perfect job--and something could happen to get you fired. At least the lottery is sure-fire money. If you know what you're doing with that money you could do well for yourself and not have that worry.

Who would you want to be stranded with on a deserted island?
Either a friend from a long time ago who I miss dearly...Or my dad. Army of 2, we would own that island.

If money was no object, what would you do all day?
Money is always an object. But for some miracle, I'd probably play games and watch anime...Hey, I'm just being honest.

If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?
Ooh, that's a good one. Probably 19th century England. Their attire was something else.

Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without?
My email.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
A few. Like less than 5.

If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have?
I'd have to go in-depth on that. But for the basics it'd be control over elements or telekinesis/psychokinesis.

What's your favorite zoo animal?
Either giraffes, panda bears, or chameleons.

If you could go back in time to change one thing, what would it be?
Maybe stop someone important from dying.

What's the longest you've gone without sleep (and why)?
A full week. I was so sick from that damn flu-shot, and when I get sick it messes up my ability to sleep.

Have you ever had a secret admirer?
Yep. Who hasn't?

What was the last book you read?
"Song of Solomon" by Toni Morrison. It was for AP Lit.

What's your favorite type of foreign food?
Italian or Japanese.

Are you a clean or messy person?
Somewhere in the middle.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Like 45 minutes.

What kitchen appliance do you use every day?
The sink. Washing dishes for days.

What's your favorite family recipe?
The one I made. It's called an Apple Slide.

Do you love or hate rollercoasters?
Hate is a strong word...I just am not very accepting of hurling through the air on metal contraptions at ungodly speeds.

What's your favorite family tradition?
When we used to watch "Jeopardy!" every night.

What's your favorite movie?
I would tell you--but its against the rules.
(Fight Club)

What was your favorite subject in school?

Do you collect anything?
Special coins. Specifically the quarters with landmarks and historical events printed on the Tail-side.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
A little bit of both.

Which of the five senses would you say is your strongest?

Are you related or distantly related to anyone famous?
Either Nat Turner or another runaway slave...Who is the reason why I have such an arcane last name.

If you were ruler of your own country what would be the first law you would introduce?
A self-defense law that keeps people in check.

What song would you say best sums you up?
"I'll Show You" by Justin Bieber.

What was your first job?
Haven't had a paying job yet.

How many languages do you speak?
Primarily English.

Who is the most intelligent person you know?
My cousin.

If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be?
I used to title my world The Chameleon's Den because I somewhat believe that
I may have been a lizard in another life...jk, Chameleons all the way.

What is one thing you will never do again?
We're not gonna talk about that.

Do you have any/would you ever get a tattoo?
Nope. Tattoos are pagan, I'm too indecisive about what I would want, and when you're an old man your skin will get all wrinkly and so will the ink.

What is your favourite tv show?
The Big Bang Theory.

Love y'all

OC 10 Fact Meme~

I asked to be hit with this tag by kita mikichi. RULES 1- Post these rules 2- Post 10 facts about your OC 3- Tag 8 other characters 4- Post their names. OC: (He'...

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Minor Update, Voice Meme, and More

It kinda feels good to be back...
But the odd part of this is I have always checked my messages and comments and a few posts, but my comments have been very minimal.

Looking back on it, its been kinda tragic how my presence here has just been dashed. I used to make daily posts that were at least pages long...I had a lot of interesting stuff to post, I think.

But maybe this change isn't a bad thing.
However I'm a Taurus, so we don't accept change very well.

Anyways, as far as life goes, its been the same continuous battle of trying to finish this school year without losing my mind to the foolishness of teachers, idiot students, and trying to go onto higher education. It is quite annoying how much homework I have, but I have a repetitive habit of always making it work.

Got a bunch of stories to tell, but we don't have time for that. So let's get into the important stuff.

I haven't posted much about it on this world, but I am a part of TheLivestreamers which is a LiveStream central world where awesome people like elricbrothersfan and Toyotami kun have tried to make a collective of LiveStreamers.

And so far I've uploaded hella content, and even though they aren't art livestreams, I do play video-games and try to give some enlightening conversation at the same time, and while this may be out of style;
I want to do a Voice Meme.

So if you have any Voice Memes, Q&As, tongue-twisters, challenges, anything of that nature, please feel free to comment them. I will be LiveStreaming "Naruto UNS 4" tonight starting at 9:30 on my YouTube Channel

Shameful plug, I get it, shameful plug, but I want to give their World some traction and have some fun.

I have some great reforming to do for my activities here on TheO.
The biggest one being my good old world, Soiree of Stories, is going to be shutting down and deleted. Looking back on it, it wasn't the greatest idea I had, and it took a lot of time and energy out of me to post a single episode, but it was a great run.

The world has been locked for a few weeks now, and I don't know exactly when I'll straight-up delete it. But that World is going to be replaced with something a bit more interactive and hopefully greater.

I don't know what I'm going to call it, but in essence it is a FanFiction-like world dedicated to all of your favorite anime, manga, and video-games. On this world I plan on doing FanFics, maybe some one-shots, and definitely some art because I now have a method of uploading Fan Art here on TheO.

I don't know if I'll ever get to doing ECards or Wallpapers, but definitely FanArt and fan-stories.
I've reached out to Clueless101 and asked if she would be willing to contribute some of her awesome work to help flesh out this world. Hopefully this time I know what the hell I'm doing.
For now I think it'll be up around Spring Break (which is in like 2 and a half weeks for me, but I'm already busy then) but hopefully I'll get to it soon.

Also, I don't really see the reason in keeping an RP World, so I might delete that one too. Ugh, I try to make as many worlds as possible and make sure that they're getting enough attention, but nowadays I am reluctant to even act.

So this is a slight tangent, but to those people who have a Gmail I think there's this scam thing going on or some virus being sent through emails, so be careful.
I checked my email yesterday and saw something called "Grace"

I didn't open it, but it was from something titled "[email protected]"
There are like 2 or 3 of these emails titled "Grace" and the subscripts read things like:
"Grace has left you a personal message."
"GraceGraceGrace has left you a private message. View it below."

I don't know what the hell this stuff is, it might be spam that didn't go through my Spam Block, but if any of you see this, don't open it, it might be some type of virus or scam, so beware.

Other than that, I currently have nothing to say so until next time

Love y'all

P.S: Something weird happened to me yesterday, and I want to tell the story, but I don't have any time. Maybe I'll speak of it on my LS, who knows?

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Grand Continuum [Update?]

It almost feels as if I'm doing my "The Daily Eclipse" episode again...Ah, I miss those days so much. But yeah, what's been going on with me, you may ask? A LOT! As always. First of all, I was snowed in the house for the ...

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