Hey guys!
It's TDE here, and this is my diary world, full of my day-to-day thoughts and chronologies of my boring, eventful, crazy, insane, funny, awesome, sometimes silly, angry, lazy life.

SO here's some things about me.

Name: Kyle
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: African-American
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Faith: United Methodist Christian
Birthday: May 14
Occupation: High-school student
Orientation: Aromantic-Asexual
Marital Status: Eternally single
Likes: School (the institution and idea of a school, I don't like the crap that comes with it), this site, anime, watching Vines, video-games, soccer, rock music, being humbly awesome and funny.
Dislikes: Bullies, idiots, loudness, being in dull or stale atmospheres, my laziness, Facebook, the list goes on.
Good Qualities: Smart, funny, forgiving, proud of moral compass, determined, witty, eccentric
Bad Qualities (Oh this will take a while): Has anger problems, a thorn when annoyed, can't sing/dance, socially isolated, has no life, overly nonchalant, emotionally awkward, hardly gets attached, man, where do I end? I think I'll stop at the best one; I'm such an internal jackass that somewhere along the line, you will find a reason to hate me.

List of Favorites-
Anime: *Including but not limited to* Dragon Ball (Including Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball: GT), Naruto(:Shippuden), IGPX, Inuyasha, Zatch Bell!, Code Lyoko, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Baka to Test, School Rumble, Shingeki no Kyojin, Soul Eater, [C] The Money and Soul of Possibility Control, Kill la Kill, Kyoukai no Kanata, FLCL, Panty & Stocking, Spice & Wolf, Black Lagoon, RWBY (I consider it an anime), Ao no Exorcist (its okay), .hack//SIGN, Cyborg 009, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Astro Boy, Deadman Wonderland, Boku wa Tomadachi ga Sukunai (aka Haganai--both seasons so far), Sengoku Basara (currently watching).
the list goes on...
Video-Games: *Including but not limited to*
Tekken, Dragon Ball Z, (not the biggest fan of FPS games), Need for Speed, games coming from anime, etc.
Watch Dogs
TV Shows:
The Big Bang Theory, The Boondocks, King of The Nerds, Impractical Jokers, Sleepy Hollow, American Horror Story, Anger Management, Jeopardy!, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Saturday Night Live!, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Family Guy (a little).
Movies: OMG I've seen a lot of movies!!
Equilibrium (Christian Bale, Tay Diggs)
Fight Club (Edward Norton, Brad Pitt)
Sucker Punch (Emily Browning)
Ip Man *All of them* (Donnie Yen)
The Raid: Redemption (Iko Uwais)
The Raid: Berandal (Iko Uwais)
Michael Bay's "Transformers" (I STILL think the first one was the best)
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller)
Tower Heist (Ben Stiller)
Collateral (Jamie Foxx, Tom Cruise)
Oblivion (Tom Cruise)
Cop Out (Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan)
Damaged (Steve Austin)
Resident Evil (Milla Jovovich)
Tekken (Live action was pretty good)
Flowers in the Attic
The One (Jet Li)
Looper (Joseph Gordon Levitt)
Premium Rush (Joseph Gordon Levitt)
300 (Gerard Butler)
The Bounty Hunter (Gerard Butler)
Gamer (Gerard Butler)
The Expendables *All; the 3rd has yet to be released* (Who isn't in that movie?)
Parental Guidance
Admissions (Tina Fey)
the list will never cease...
Genre(s) of Music: Rock, JRock, Metal, Electric/Techno, (occasional Vocaloid), anime OST, video-game OST.
Band: The Pillows, Avenged Sevenfold, American Rejects, Coldplay
Song: Last Dinosaur by The Pillows & One Life by the Pillows

~!My Best Friends On Here!~

Domine Kuro
toyotami kun
kita mikichi
Hikari the Wolf
Team Plasma N
Larxy the Strange
Hana Ishida
Blue Tea
Elemental Ninja
Sweet Tea
Naomi Bear
Prismblossom (Although she is no longer with us)
-Shout yourselves out!
Song of my Life I

Song of my Life II
This Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage
Song of my Life III
No More Words by Endeverafter
Song of ME
As I am by Logic



It's official.

I feel depressed.

*Muffled words*

I AM doing my homework, Ms. B! (I'm just doing it to finish it off and hurry the f*ck up)

(Somebody please get the reference)

I Am Jack's Lack Of Motivation

I'm so bored...
It's not even boredom...
It's just a lack of motivation to do anything.

Not even gaming.
Not even writing an episode.

What is life?

The M&M Challenge!! [Update]


What's going on, guys? Hope you're having a decent week...I have some decent news actually.

Well, that was a bad omen because I actually heard some terrible news; but I wouldn't want to foil the spirits.

Before I get into the Meme/Challenge of sorts, I just want to give a quick update.

I've been the same--pft.
Still haven't finished this damn homework, but people keep reassuring me that I have plenty of time. I just hope I can do it in that time. But come on, this is me we're talking about--of course I can!

(I hope)

Anyways. Lately its been hard for me to sleep, dang it! I've gotten the hang of my alarm clock again so I keep making it go off at 8:50. But the problem is that I stay up 'till like 1:00 or 2:00 every morning...And even afterwards I can't sleep.
Next thing I know, for the past 2 days I've been up at 5:24 checking my phone for no freakin' reason.
But I've had to resort to drastic measures and throw freezing water on my face to wake me up because I don't wake up easy.

This weekend I'm going to be BUSY!
Hopefully next week my mother won't start driving me crazy, but other than that I'll be okay.

And Verny Verne's in the hospital--she's got pneumonia again. She should be out in a few days, though.
So my sanity has been preserved--for now. Jeez, I've got issues.
So after I do this and a couple of other things (like laundry, for example) I'll marathon homework again. I was up for HOURS doing homework, its insane. Hopefully this whole AP book issue will resolve itself. Just need to hurry up and do it; and the book I'm reading is still pretty good...But I NEED TO DO IT!!!!
...I need some caffeine or something...

SO let me introduce something I've been waiting to initiate!
The M&M Challenge.
For the longest time I've been contemplating on revealing a meme I want to start/create. I've had a hard time doing it but now I think I've got it down pat.

The M&M Challenge.

To your probable surprise, it does not involve M&Ms the chocolate candies that you all know and love. (Chocolate sometimes makes my throat burn)
M&M stands for "Movies and Music" or "Music and Movies" if you prefer.

The object of this challenge...To post every comment you make--on any website, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TheOtaku, Tumblr, what have you; every comment you make for the 3 days of this challenge MUST BE A QUOTE OR LYRIC FROM ANY SONG OR MOVIE THAT YOU KNOW OF!

Here are the Rules:
1. There will be a Sign Up for whomever wishes to join.
2. The Challenge itself will be from Monday to Wednesday, but you also have the options of having this challenge any 3 days you choose. (This is supposed to be spread around, so its not a one-time, annual thing)
3. You are NOT supposed to tell anyone you are part of the M&M Challenge. The object is supposed to elicit a reaction from the receiver of every comment or post.
4. Snapshot or repost your friends' reactions when the challenge is finished and hashtag it "M&M Challenge" (that's optional)
5. This isn't mandatory, but when you post your lyric/quote; it'd be best to italicize or put your script in quotations:
"You've got to lose to know how to win."
-Dream on by Aerosmith

6. Have freaking fun!

7. Whatever participant has the best comments, reactions, etc from this challenge gets a prize from TDE or any other host of the M&M challenge once its done. Prizes range from:
-An original drawing hand-made by me (or whomever does the challenge. WARNING; the drawing might suck--lol)
-A request that must be fulfilled. (NOTHING illegal, embarrassing, mean, or violating)
-Make something up, dammit!

So yeah, that's trying to be a thing.
Love y'all
P.S: I will be PM'ing people that I would like to "draft" for this contest. But you do not have to.



*Steam whistle*

I'm watching Philip DeFranco...And he reported that "Fight Club 2" will be made!!

I love that freaking movie!
That's where I get these titles from.
"I am Jack's *insert adverb/adjective* (Insert body part)"

That movie is freaking brilliant in its dark persona staring into the abyss of insanity!

Now what I heard is that the second one is taking place as a sequel to the book--cool, I don't care if it takes place in the past, future, or if it was never meant to exist.

AND its being done by the original director/creator of the first movie so its not some knockoff remake bullshit.

I'm so hype!
But weird thing--this movie came out in 1995...It's 2014! So that's 19, almost 20 years!
What the heck is that?!
Y'know how many people died between '95 and '14!?

Yeah, when stuff like that happens I think of that first. What if there was someone who really liked that movie, and whether or not they dreamed/believed that a second one was going to be made (because let's be honest, the ending of "Fight Club" was pretty--dramatic, so how they could make a sequel if its based off of that timeline is beyond me) and y'know, life happens...That just sucks!

So this actually renews my faith in FLCL!
FLCL was made in like 1999-2000 and that cliffhanger ending...It was 6 episodes long so I think that ending would be pretty concise! BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO---You guys HAD to have that guitar strum by itself and then CUT, teasing the hell out of all who were watching with jaws on the floor!!

Plus I had seen a bunch of pictures on YouTube, that looked legit...Saying "FLCL: Coming in 2010"
But then again, maybe that was the Blu-Ray DVD thing.
STILL, that's fuckign awesome!
I'm on the hype train, even though I'm not HMK and I'm absolutely psyched out of my mind!!

Now only if my knee would stop killing me, that'd be just about perfect!

I'm hype as hell, people!
Anybody who has seen "Fight Club" how do you feel about this?
Anybody who hasn't seen "Fight Club" I ask you--why the fuck not?
The only correct answer would be:
"Because I just don't like violent or dark type of movies."

So until then--
You are not a snowflake, you are nothing special and there is nothing individual about you. You are the same decaying matter as everything else in the world.
We are the all-singing, all-dancing, crap of the world.
R.I.P Robert Paulson.


I Am Jack's Blistering Tears

That's a thing now...I'm going to start titling my annoyed posts as narratives from "Fight Club."
That movie came on again last night--awesome movie.

Well--I'm doing better.

After an hour-or-so long segment of bonding, lifting, and definitely some pain...I've somewhat reconciled things with Verny Verne.

Whatever burning sensation I've had is now relieved...However my leg still hurts like a son of a gun.

I should probably get back to my homework.
It's really difficult.
In context to the book, and the resources given, it doesn't tell you jack!
I should hurry up though, if its taking this long to finish chapter 1, the rest of the following chapters (although some of them are intertwined. Chapters 2 and 3 have the same questions) would probably be just as difficult.
AND I really need to finish this book.

I don't have time to fool around anymore!
Anyways, I should be reading my book now 'till the curve finally hits.

Crisis averted.