Hey guys!
It's TDE here, and this is my diary world, full of my day-to-day thoughts and chronologies of my boring, eventful, crazy, insane, funny, awesome, sometimes silly, angry, lazy life.

SO here's some things about me.

Name: Kyle
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: African-American
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Faith: United Methodist Christian
Birthday: The second week of May
Occupation: High-school student
Orientation: Aromantic-Asexual
Marital Status: Eternally single
Likes: School (the institution and idea of a school, I don't like the crap that comes with it), this site, anime, watching Vines, video-games, soccer, rock music, being humbly awesome and funny.
Dislikes: Bullies, idiots, loudness, being in dull or stale atmospheres, my laziness, Facebook, the list goes on.
Good Qualities: Smart, funny, forgiving, proud of moral compass, determined, witty, eccentric
Bad Qualities (Oh this will take a while): Has anger problems, a thorn when annoyed, can't sing/dance, socially isolated, has no life, overly nonchalant, emotionally awkward, hardly gets attached, man, where do I end? I think I'll stop at the best one; I'm such an internal jackass that somewhere along the line, you will find a reason to hate me.

List of Favorites-
Anime: *Including but not limited to* Dragon Ball (Including Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball: GT), Naruto(:Shippuden), IGPX, Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, Baka to Test, School Rumble, Shingeki no Kyojin, Soul Eater, [C] The Money and Soul of Possibility Control, the list goes on...
Video-Games: *Including but not limited to*
Tekken, Dragon Ball Z, (not the biggest fan of FPS games), Need for Speed, games coming from anime, etc.
TV Shows:
The Big Bang Theory, King of The Nerds, Impractical Jokers, Sleepy Hollow, American Horror Story, Anger Management, Jeopardy!
Genre(s) of Music: Rock, JRock, Metal, Electric/Techno, (occasional Vocaloid), anime OST, video-game OST.
Band: The Pillows, Avenged Sevenfold
Song: Last Dinosaur by The Pillows & One Life by the Pillows

~!My Best Friends On Here!~

Domine Kuro
toyotami kun
kita mikichi
Hikari the Wolf
Team Plasma N
Larxy the Strange
Hana Ishida
Blue Tea
Elemental Ninja
Sweet Tea
Naomi Bear
Prismblossom (Although she is no longer with us)
-Shout yourselves out!
Song of my Life I

Song of my Life II
This Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage
Song of my Life III
No More Words by Endeverafter
Song of ME
As I am by Logic


So Far So Sat.

... ... ... So this has been a long time coming and its actually coming earlier than it should have, but I am so tired and frustrated to the point where there is no other choice but to go this route. Ahem. So last ni...

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Lost In The Darkness

I am so tired that I can barely type this post...
To make a long story almost a sentence:

I have had yet another bout with my mother, and I have to go to this funeral tomorrow...And I already feel so jacked up in the head I don't know what's going to happen to me. I can barely control myself, I'm just so lost and confused.
That's really all of the details I can spare because I am so tired I just want to shut down, I can't deal with all of this.
PLUS I still have all of this homework to do that I haven't done.

See ya when I see ya.

Yep, It's Official...

This sucks.

I am falling back into depression.
I feel so exhausted.

Die Day Pi Day

First of all, I didn't know this, but Happy Pi Day! Yes, Pi, the numerical symbol whose base is 3.14, March 14th, I can't believe I didn't realize it. Anyways, I didn't have math class on today, (thank goodness) but let me fix this qu...

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Hit It!

Lol, I'm glad I looked this up!
Ever since I saw this I thought it was so funny!
This might be the only dance I'll ever do in my life...Seriously, lol!