In the year 4500 the world is in peril as atomic bombs and chemical attacks become a daily occurance. Due to the combination of chemicals and radiation a new disease that only affected animals quickly spread. Birds fell from the sky, dead fish clogged the water ways, dogs and cats died in the streets. All war came to a stop as this new crisis took hold. Although scientists tried to come up with a cure they were too late and soon there were no animals left in the world. In 4550 the scientists decided that since they could not save the animals they decided to recreate them. However with a lack of DNA they were unsuccessful. They needed to fill the gaps so it was approved to use human DNA. In 4620 the first human animal hybrid was created. A monkey boy named 001. He was a success allowing the scientists to create more specimens. They refilled the world with the halflings.

Now the year is 5000. Much has changed. The halflings were deemed perfected and domesticated versions were created to be pets. There have been no wars since The Great Death of 4500. The humans have become what they call 'echo-friendly'. Hovering cars that run on oxygen replaced the old gas guzzlers. Trees and flowers are everywhere! Factories that emitted smog were closed. The humans were so happy.

Too bad the 'animals' couldn't say the same. Even though we are part human we are still treated as if we are the same lower beasts of the past. We must have leashes and tags, we must not speak unless spoken to, we cannot go inside buildings marked 'no animals allowed.' If we get picked up off the street and get sent to a pound or shelter we sit in cells. If one of us gets angry and attacks a human....they get 'put down.' The rare species are put in zoos for human amusement. Life behind bars.

There is a rebel group, called Alphas, are a band of wild hybrids that feel they are superior to humans. They take any chance they get to attack humans. Using only their natural abilities to claim dominance and prove how inferior humans truely are.

Us hybrids who are trapped want to fight back...if only we could speak out...we are not dumb animals. We did not ask to be made. Why should we be their slaves? Maybe...,maybe we are better than humans. Who is truely...the lower species?


Zera & Raz - iamEssence (leader)
Leo & Meeko - Eiri Yuki s Lover ( co-leader)
Ava, John & Liber - clueless101
Tarus - DangerousTinkerer
Liana - toyotami kun
River - DemonsandAngels
Rey - neilly



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~Meeko~ So of course Sylvia would send us on another mission. Everytime I want to sleep she seems to call. My partner being such a good doggie always jumps to make her Mistress happy. Zera is her body guard and right hand. Me...

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Look Turtle!

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Another Mission

Just posting it again so you guys remember to post~~~~~ zera~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After our last mission I thought maybe we would relax for a little, but of course that doesn't happen much. It doesn't bother me to much. Yet lately ...

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I'm sober I swear!

►Tarus◄ All I remember is turning to see a butterfly girl running off to another alley, free and clear shortly followed by a few loud popping noise. My world went cold and black after that. - - - - - - - - - - - - ...

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