Start Over?

How does starting this rp sound with everyone? I really want to do a Doubt rp, but I just want to see what other people think. Comment with what you think IF you read this.

1. I think we should start over and leave it as is.
2. Start over, but rp in comment boxes instead.
3. Have this kind of as a rp, but more like a joint story.
4. Start over, but rp in theO chat.
5. Don't start over and keep pushing through!
6. Not interested in this rp anymore.
7. *ignores Poochy*
8. *raises hand and gives a different option* <--aka comment with what you want to do.

Also, depending on what we chose, I'm going to try and find others to join. (as long as they at least know some about Doubt.)

Well, let me know, or just silently do choice 7 :'D


PS if I don't get a response I'll try PMing this to the members and if nothing or only "Eh, whatever is fine." than I'll drop this rp and focus on a different one.