Clarissa Marsh

Username: ChiyukiChan

Username: MSI_PTV324

First/Last Name: Clarissa Marsh

Nickname: She likes to call herself, "Little Clara Urine", after the lead singer of Mindless Self Indulgence, "Little Jimmy Urine". She's quite obsessed with him.

Age/DOB: 14/June 5th

Eye Color(s): Brown

Gender: Female

Hair Style/Color: Chin-length, but spiked out all around her head so that none of it falls, it's black with electric blue tips.

Full Outfit: A loose black T-shirt with a Mindless Self Indulgence logo on it, black skinny jeans with Skinny Puppy symbols up and down the sides, black sunglasses with an ohGr symbol over her right eye, and Pierce the Veil shoes. She'sa music fanatic.

Appearance/Distinguishing Marks: She has a very sharp, androgynous figure--it takes a second to figure out what gender she is, but her voice makes it clear. She's been trying to make herself look identical to Jimmy Urine, and it's working, so she's thrilled when her gender is mistaken. She always wears sunglasses because she's blind in her right eye--she tells people she isn't because there's ugly scarring over it, from where she'd been attacked by her insane father when she was a child. She has multiple scars all over her stomach from it, but she lies about that as well. The bar code will be over her blind eye.

Personality: She lives by the mantra: What Would Jimmy Urine Do? And so, she's become something of a shell, a cheap shadow of the singer she adores. She takes nothing seriously, ever. Everything is a joke to her, and she sees herself impervious to negative emotions, because Jimmy Urine is never sad. She enjoys flirting blindly with everything that moves, because that's what Jimmy Urine would do. She thinks she will always be happy, so long as she remembers her music. She is in love with music, especially the bands Mindless Self Indulgence, ohGr, Skinny Puppy, and Pierce The Veil. She's constantly quoting songs and singing to herself. She wants to become just like Jimmy Urine; so she's learned to sing like him and look like him.

Interests, Dislikes, Fears, etc.: Interests; Music, Mindless Self Indulgence, Pierce The Veil, Skinny Puppy, ohgr, Jimmy Urine, lyrics, androgyny, people, Jimmy Urine, the color hot pink, rock, techno, Jimmy Urine, fun, jokes, Jimmy Urine, rain, Jimmy Urine, Jimmy Urine....and Jimmy Urine. Dislikes; Pop, mainstream music, America, heat, bias, biggots, and people who insult Jimmy Urine. Fears; Jimmy Urine fears nothing--Why should Clara Urine fear things?...She is especially unafraid of older men, like her father. They don't scare her at all. Neither do knives, like the one Daddy used to, to's not...Jimmy Urine is not afraid. Clara Urine is not afraid.

Past: Clarissa had known since she was little her Momma didn't like her Daddy. She didn't know why. Daddy was nice to Clarissa, Daddy would buy her presents and give her hugs, and help Momma bandage all the cuts she would get when she made mistakes cooking. How did she get all those cuts, Daddy? I don't think Momma could've bruised up her back like that all by herself, Daddy. Why does Momma cry when she sees you, Daddy? Daddy? Why are you yelling at Momma? What are you doing with the sharp knife I'm not allowed around, Daddy? Why isn't Momma moving? What's that red...Daddy? Why are you coming toward me, Daddy?! That hurts, Daddy! Not my eye, Daddy, no! Daddy, please...
And Clarissa would wake up every time, shivering, sweating...The neighbors had heard screaming and called the police...Clarissa had been put into an orphanage at the age of seven. She'd started smiling again at age nine. She'd begun to drown herself in music at age ten, and there she was now. She'd never been adopted, but had gotten interested in the game Rabbit Doubt, and she was hooked.

Family: Momma's...Momma ran away. Momma started moving again, right? And she ran away, right? And Daddy's in jail. Right? No. No, no, there is no Momma and Daddy. Clara Urine needs no family.

Reference Picture?: Here is a picture of Jimmy Urine. She wants truly to be him, so she looks similar to a younger version of him. :p

*Etc.: All the bands mentioned are real, wonderful bands you should totally look up because I love them XD Especially MSI. I'm so lame. XP