Torri Onsuna

Username: tutcat

Username: NeonSparks_01

First/Last Name: Torri Onsuna

Nickname: Onee-chan (Only by her little sister)

Age/DOB: 21 March 8

Eye Color(s): Bright green

Gender: Female

Hair Style/Color: Short brown hair with tons of clips with little things on the such a clouds,bunnies,hearts,lolipops,etc.

Full Outfit: Bright green tank top with a bright pink hoodie,pale blue skinny jeans with and red converse. She also wears multiple bright colored bangles,that clank around and alert people she's near.

Appearance/Distinguishing Marks: She has a paw print tattoo on her right cheek,just below her eye. Her bar code is on her arm,just above her elbow.

Personality: She's really goofy and silly,a bit of a delinquent. She's pretty out going too,and loves attention. She's also a bit of a tomboy but is really bubbly and loves to talk.

Interests, Dislikes, Fears, etc.: She loves cute things,bright colors (Especially neon colors) and playing little games to pass the time. She hates mud though,and spiders. She doesn't really have any exact fears.

Past: She barely passed through high school,she lives with with her mom in an apartment and takes random jobs whenever she can. When she was about 14 her little sister,Willow was shot by a mad man,but that man was never caught. She wants nothing else but revenge.

Family: Her mother,she used to have a little sister.

Reference Picture?: I'll try to make one soon.

*Etc.: I can't wait to post as her! And she has changed....a little.