Username: StarsSmile

Username: ran_music

First/Last Name: unknown

Nickname: He introduces himself as "Ran" (read with "a") and never gives his real name.

Age/DOB: 19 years old (born on November 11th)

Eye Color(s): dark brown

Gender: male

Hair Style/Color: black, relatively short, always with a cap on.

Full Outfit: Dark grey hoodie, very long (covering the shoes almost entirely) baggy olive pants, dark grey kerchief around his neck, black cap.

Appearance/Distinguishing Marks: His cap and headphones are indispensable. Height: 1.70m.

Bar code: The bar code is on the back of his neck, close to his left ear.

Personality: Ran seems playful and he likes joking around. He treats life as if everything was a game. That's why he finds the Rabbit Doubt game interesting, even when it gets violent and scary for the other ones. He enjoys every second of this game. To him, what's happening now is just a real version of the game. Even when people die, even if he knows he might be the next one, he's enjoying it as much as before. He always pays attention at what's happening around him. He secretly analyses everyone's behaviour and reactions. He might seem to be friendly, as he's a playful character, but in reality he only makes friends with people who share the same interests as him.

Interests: Music and street dance.
Dislikes: He detests bossy people and he doesn't take orders from anyone. He despises weak people.
Fears: -

Past: He used to be a street dancer when he was still a high school student. He's definitely not a gamer, but he heard about Rabbit Game and wanted to try it out. He quickly became addicted to the game.

Family: Father and an older sister. He saw them for the last time 4 years ago, when he moved here. Since then, he never heard anything from them.

Reference Picture?:

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Notes: Currently he's a part-timer.
Motto: "It's just a game."
Catchphrase(s): "Do you wanna play a game?"