Bastion Kostal

Username: Scarlet Kazuaki/Littlepooch

Username: That_Kid09

First/Last Name: Bastion Kostal

Nickname: Bas? Bassy? XD None (Less you really wana)

Age/DOB: 14 (March 27)

Eye Color(s): Amber

Gender: Male

Hair Style/Color: Long brown bangs and kind of messy longish hair.

Full Outfit: A Black hoodie and tan shorts.

Appearance/Distinguishing Marks: His bar code is on his ankle. He has a lot of bruises and also wears glasses.

Personality: Kind of spacey, he doesn't pay attention to much, usually looks like he could go and sit down and fall asleep, doesn't have much of a facial expression. Bastion keeps to himself most of the time, and is shy (especially around girls.) he tends to mumble. He gets startled pretty easily too and kind of freaks out if you sneak up behind him.

Interests, Dislikes, Fears, etc.: He likes reading, board games, and puzzles. He doesn't like the dark. He's scare of girls :'D

Past: He heard about Doubt at his school and got curious about it and now plays a lot in his free time. His family is pretty normal and such, but he compare himself to his older brother a lot, so he stresses about school most of the time. He's skipped one grade so he's in high school right now. Even though he doesn't stand out much, he gets into fights a lot. Bastion has a bit of a temper if you get him mad.

Family: Mom, dad, and his older brother Leonardo.

Reference Picture?: Soon!

*Etc.: Nothing?