Christopher Robin Liddell

Username: MoonsMedly

Username: Wonderland_Detective

First/Last Name: Christopher Robin Liddell

Nickname: Christopher, Chris (only Dinah calls him this)

Age/DOB: 10 (September 19th)

Eye Color(s): ice blue

Gender: male

Hair Style/Color: chocolate brown. It's most likely messy.

Full Outfit: White button up shirt and a beige sweater vest. Red tie. wears a gray button up coat. Khaki slacks and brown penny loafers.

Appearance/Distinguishing Marks: small for his age. His barcode is on the palm of his right hand.

Personality: Outgoing and often sarcastic. He treats his whole life as one big mystery he needs to solve. That's why doubt is so much fun! Very Bossy and stubborn, and a bit egotistical as well. Can be very eccentric at times.

Interests: mystery novels, Sherlock Holmes, aviation, science, World War II, computers

Dislikes: Vegetables, being grounded, violin lessons

fears: nothing, as far as he knows.

Past: Grew up in a rather wealthy family. Being the younger child, he was constantly spoiled by his mother, and not as much pressure as put on him as on Dinah. Tests have shown that he's much more intelligent than most of his age group, and there's a rumour that he will be the one to inherit the family business and fortune rather than his older sister, Dinah.

Family: Mother (Tanya Liddell), older sister (Dinah Liddell), father (Marcus Liddell; deceased)

Reference Picture?: in progress

*Etc.: Wants to be either a detective, a pilot or a scientist when he grows up. Possibly all three at the same time. Is very close to his older sister, although he finds her conditions annoying at times.