Dinah Liddell

Username: MoonsMedly

Username: Alices_Cat

First/Last Name: Dinah Liddell

Nickname: n/a (it's sorta hard to shorten "Dinah", unless you wanted to call her "Di" or something.)

Age/DOB: 14 (August 29)

Eye Color(s): ice blue

Gender: female

Hair Style/Color: a strange light-reddish brown color. It's rather long, and is always, always, always neatly brushed and pulled back with a headband of some sort.

Full Outfit: a white and salmon striped long sleeve shirt with an expensive looking white coat over it. Black velvet slacks and salmon colored flats. All wrinkle and stain free. Also a gold cross necklace.

Appearance/Distinguishing Marks: She's of average height, but underweight (one of the many things that worries her), and has fair skin. Everything about her is always immaculately neat and clean. She wears glasses with brown plastic frames. Her barcode is on her right wrist

Personality: Extremely timid and nervous. In Dinah's mind, danger and bad luck lurk around very corner. However, she has this idea that if she keeps everything perfectly neat and clean, everything might be alright. Also extremely paranoid. She pretty much thinks the whole world is out to get her. She tries to be nice to others though, even if she thinks they're talking about her behind her back.

Interests: playing the piano, cats (her absolute favorite animal), clothing

Dislikes: competing in pageants, school (too crowded and stressful), dogs

Fears: too many to list. Germs are very close to the top her list though, along with death.

Past: Dinah was born to an extremely wealthy family. Her mom is the owner and boss of a very successful chain of restaurants, and her dad was a professional photographer before he died when she was four. From the moment she was born, her mother has been constantly training her to become the perfect daughter and young lady, enrolling her in Piano classes, exclusive boarding schools, and anything else that would bring success. Once she showed promise in Piano, her mother starting forcing her to compete in pageants and piano competitions. Eventually all the stress got to Dinah, making her the way she is today. Her brother introduced her to Doubt.

Family: Mother (Tanya Liddell), younger brother (Christopher Liddell), Father (Marcus Liddell, deceased), Cat (Flamel)

Reference Picture?: There like a dozen in my gallery, but I'll draw a new one with her actual outfit soon.

*Etc.: She stutters when she speaks. Also her usernames bugs her; it should say Alice's_Cat, but the game wouldn't let her use an apostrophe. And she likes to take her cat almost everywhere she goes.