Fynn Wolfe

Username: ChiyukiChan

Username: der_Lügner_muss_sterben01 (Translated, means 'the Liar must die.')

First/Last Name: Fynn Wolfe

Nickname: N/A

Age/DOB: Seventeen/December 21st

Eye Color(s): Grey-Green

Gender: Male

Hair Style/Color: Finely trimmed, straight, dark brown hair, a little past the tips of his ears.

Full Outfit: A loose-fit, navy blue long-sleeved shirt and black slacks, and brown leather shoes. Professional, but stylish, he calls it.

Appearance/Distinguishing Marks: He's very careful about his appearance, not daring to risk something tacky like piercings or tattoos. The bar code shall go across his mouth. :D

Personality: Professional, judgmental, and holier than thou, by all means. Now, Fynn wouldn't dare call himself pompous, he simply accepts the fact he is eons above everyone around him. Hailing from Germany, Fynn always keeps careful composure of his personality, which is sharp, cold, and unpersonalized, and he keeps the respect of his ancestors in mind at all times. He can't let the important people know he's into silly video games involving the murder of rabbits--no, he must be very careful. He will succeed beyond measure, as he is the best.

Interests, Dislikes, Fears, etc.: Fynn's last name was created in honor of the wolf: the clever, the deceitful...the best. Fynn holds the idea of them dear to his heart, and detests rabbits. They're weak, and powerless against the better man. He is not a rabbit, and he fears nothing. Fynn is a Wolfe.

Past: Fynn moved from Germany when he was only fourteen, and has mastered four other languages perfectly since then: English, Japanese, French, and Italian. He's lived with his prestigious family, the owners of a popular cellphone manufacturing company. He's had high ambitions since he was a child, though they've changed into a monster of an ego.

Family: His mother and father. No siblings.

Reference Picture?: Soon.

*Etc.: Thankest-joo, Poocheh~