Game Info

How the Wolf is selected: The wolf will be selected by a friend of mine. I will ask him/her to PM all of us and tell us if we are a rabbit or wolf, that way even I won't know (unless I become the wolf).

Game Usernames: I've decided to change it a little, it's a small change, but whatever~ Your OC(s) can go by a game username if they want, like when they play doubt with each other, they used a username instead of there real name. But, they can use there real name.

Voting: I'm not saying for certain if this will happen, but if the rabbit do want to cast a vote of who they think is the wolf, they will use the join account, Liar to cast there vote (a world will be made, and all of you will receive a PM with the account's password.)

Killing: The wolf WILL kill off characters! (don't be a a$$ and kill someone's characters off right away :'D Like, if they have two, don't have them just have to sit out as soon as it starts~) You will PM the person (here, you can use your normal account or the joint account.) and tell them you have killed there OC. Now, for the fun part, posting! You will be posting using the joint account of killing the person. Tip: USE A DIFFERENT WRITING STYLE! PEOPLE MIGHT SUSPECT! I know, I know, it shouldn't, but if it does come down to voting and you kept the same style, people might use that to suspect you.

Wolf: Dear Wolfy~ Have fun with deceiving people! Try and blend in as a rabbit. If the wolf dies by voting, than the rp will end and if you want to do another round of Doubt, than it will stay the same, and I will just ask my friend to do the PMing again and just pick someone different as the wolf :D

Any questions? Ask away~