Wolf's Game Profile

Username: (yours)

Username: (name your person was known in the Rabbit Doubt game... Yeah, I'm changing it a little ^^; Or, they could just go by there real name for there username.)

First/Last Name:

Nickname: (if any)

Age/DOB: (DOB=date of birth)

Eye Color(s):


Hair Style/Color:

Full Outfit: (Please don’t just put they change outfits a lot, just make something up.)

Appearance/Distinguishing Marks: (please include the placement of there bar code here.)


Interests, Dislikes, Fears, etc.: (Just to give us a little more info on them~)

Past: (-__- If it's a "to be revealed in time" please actually make it be reviled in time....*had problems with people doing this*)


Reference Picture?: (If you have a scanner/camera, please include ;3 I don't care if you don't think it looks good or not, were all nice here! You can either post it in the world or you can link it ;3)

*Etc.: (Whatever you like can be put here, if you’re a new member, do a quick intro, if I forgot something, add it here, little side notes, really, whatever.)


Okay, so I'm going to be making this a little differently than Zoey's rp. Instead of you telling me if your OC is the wolf/rabbit, I'm going to ask a friend of mine to randomly pick one of us to be the wolf. So than none of us will know besides the person who selected the wolf.

So, PM or comment with this! By the way, this is a invite only rp. ^^; I'm sorry, I would just rather stick to people who I know will post/people who actually know what Doubt it.