Hikari Moto

Username: Scarlet Kazuaki/Littlepooch Username: irakih_evol (spelled backwards, love_hikari) First/Last Name: Hikari Moto Nickname: She really doesn't mind, most people go and call her Hika-Chan, Or Kari-Chan Age/DOB: 1...

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Falling on my face

~Torri I looked around the mobs of people for someone. How was I supposed to find them? I don't even know what they look like. Aw,well! I ight as well play a little game while I try to find them. I hoped along the sidewalk,making sur...

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Meet Up


I walked in and looked around. There were so many people here! How the heck was I supposed to find the people I was supposed to meet up with now... I flipped my phone open and looked at the time. 1:34... I sighed. I was already almost five minutes late... It wasn't my fault that I had stupid school today...

Glancing down at my phone again, I started to debate on if I should call one of them to see if they were here yet. After a moment, I close my phone and took a steep forward only to run into someone.

He turned around and narrowed his eyes, "Watch it!" I took a steep back and clutched my phone close to me. Just what I needed. He was obviously a lot older than me. He continued to glare until he laughed and threw his arm around me, "'Bout time I ran into someone else!"

"Wh-" he shoved his phone in front of my face and I squinted to read the small writing of the log in name that flashed up in the right hand corner. "Mentire_Libellula"

I blinked surprised. I hadn't imaged that he would look like that... Or be so much older than me. As far as Rabbit Doubt went, no one really knew much about each other... I tried to smile as he grinned down at me.

"Annnddddd?" I looked at him blankly. He sighed. "You are?" Oh... That's right.. "U-um.... I'm That Kid09... He mumbled to himself and nodded. "So, you found anyone else yet, my little wolfy friend?" I laughed nervously and looked at the ground. Last time we had all gotten together to play Rabbit Doubt online, I had ended up the wolf.

"Not yet... I just got here..." I mumbled and kept looking at the ground. He shrugged and started walking through the crowd of people that were busily passing by us in the mall. "Where were we supposed to meet again." He asked and glanced over his shoulder.

I pointed. "This way." I glanced down at my phone again... Almost eight minutes late now...


Okay, I wanted to do a quick post to start us off :D And since I was changing the location, I wanted to also change the place they were meeting up. Sooo, I thought the mall might be a good place for them to hang out and talk? :3

So, I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone, but I'm assuming you all got a PM from Shom saying you are a Rabbit or Wolf. Now, I don't know what everyone PM said, so I'll just quick go over the info.

If you got a PM that said you were a rabbit.... Well.. Not much to explain. If we do end up voting, you will vote via the joint account.

If you got a PM that said you were the wolf, than it's up to you to chose one or both of your OCs to be the wolf. If voting is to occur, you will also take part (obviously.) And the first time killing someone, you will use the Liar joint account to keep your identity hidden. So, if you kill someone's second OC, than you can use the joint account OR your normal account to let them know you were the wolf~ Also, very, very, very important! USE A DIFFERENT WRITING STYLE OR SOMETHING WHEN USING THE LIAR ACCOUNT! I know we shouldn't judged by that, but people will! Like for example, if it is/was me, I would probably use text talk to tell people, and maybe type killing posts in third person to mask my writing style. That's just what I am/would do/ing. (not denying or saying I'm the wolf.)

If the rabbit or wolf has any questions PM me with the joint account and I'll post the question and respond in the world so I don't find out what you are. Hemmm... I think that's it... Oh yeah, and I'm going to be making a third OC as my "sacrifice" aka, the first one to be killed in the game so no one else has to start off right away with only one OC.

Wolf: You may if you want write a killing post for it, but you don't have to. It's just to start the game. Also, I don't know how fast or slow the rp will go, but as of right now, I think one or two kills a week? I may adjust depending on the speed of the rp.

Sorry for typing so much -___- Currently waiting for stupid Shom to pick me up to go to my con....


I Hope This is the Last Update Before We Start!

Okay!!!! :DDD *is so happy*

The intro is done (THANK YOU SO MUCH STARS, THAT HELPS SO MUCH AND IT LOOKS GREAT, AND I'M SORRY THEO IS BEING SO STUPID ;-;) :D I still might switch the colors of the text and such, and make a background for it when I get home from school tomorrow!

So, OAM, if you read this, sorry, ^^; If you still want to be a part of the rp, I'll make sure to for sure include you in the second game.

Umm, okay, I really am going to shoot to start the rp Thursday, *will try not to be like CF and still not have started it, like, weeks later* .... *btw, has the post typed up, just keeps forgetting to post it on CF* But I'm not going to be around too much Saturday and Sunday (going to be at a con.) but I don't want to put off starting it until Monday >w<

Next, I think I've found someone to PM you all your positions. I know him irl, so I can bug him if he doesn't PM you guys >w> If you do not receive a PM by the end of tomorrow, you will for sure get one Thursday. (Note: you'll be looking for a PM titled either "Rabbit" or "Wolf" from Shom.. If he doesn't do that, I'm probably going to ask Amestar, HalfwayVamped, or Eiri Yuki s Lover to do it if one of them has time and you will get it Thursday, or at the latest, Friday.)

Everyone know the password for the Liar account? (Stars, I'll PM you in a sec, I think I just need to tell you, right?)

Lastly, what should the setting be? I thought about having it at a hospital like they do in the manga, but I also kind of wanted to change it... Ideas?

Oh yeah, and the Liar account will be finished tomorrow as well. (just need a avi, format the worlds, and make one or two more worlds I think?)


Clarissa Marsh

Username: ChiyukiChan Username: MSI_PTV324 First/Last Name: Clarissa Marsh Nickname: She likes to call herself, "Little Clara Urine", after the lead singer of Mindless Self Indulgence, "Little Jimmy Urine". She's quite obsesse...

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