What the-


I awoke to a cold floor.

"Vwere-vwere am I?" I mumbled. When my senses became more alert I took in my surroundings. It was fairly dark,and there were...desks around me? Was I at school somehow? School. One of the many objects of my torture. I used one of the desks to haul myself up. My legs were a bit wobbly. What had happened? The last thing I can remember was Torri dragging me into a store I really did not want to go in. What happened to the others? Kazuko and Torri were still in that store far as I knew,and that man that liked street music said he was going to the music shop. With the others I didn't have a clue.

I walked around the room. It was pretty much just a normal classroom,but there was a thick layer of dust on everything. There was an apple on the desk in front,but it was rotten. I could barely even tell it was an apple at all.

As I walked around the room,looking at all the old student made posters on the wall when my foot brushed something. I looked down. It was....a b-body!? her blond hair was long wavy. One light brown eye was open,while the other was closed,as if she was asleep. There was a crimson red stain on her chest,and a puddle of crimson red beneath her.

I was frozen in place for a few moments. This was Hikari...she was alive only just a little while ago. Then I screamed. I screamed at the top of my lungs. I backed away from the body until my back hit the wall and I couldn't go any farther. I slid down until I was sitting,my eyes wide and fixed on the unmoving body of Hikari. I have to leave,I have to get away. RIGHT NOW. I felt hot tears roll down my cheeks. What if...what if I killed her?


My head was banging. It was almost like someone was playing the bongo drums,but it was my brain. I didn't have the strength to open my eyes. The cold floor,linoleum most likely,made my back ache. All I could remember was going in a store,then,that was it.

Opening my eyes made absolutely no difference. It was pitch black. The silence was broken by a high pitched scream. It went silent moments after. I got to my feet. What was going on here?

"Hello? Anybody there?" I called softly.

So,Alice and Torri are awake,and Alice found Hikari! Continue?

First Kill


The wolf holds portraits in it's hands. It checks the portraits against the bodies in front of it and smiles. They haven't missed anyone.

Once again, it examines the photos it holds. This time though, it holds a more ominous meaning. The wolf is deciding its kill.

Despicable. That's what these humans were. Despicable, every single one of them. They were crazy, stupid, obsessive, aweful human beings. Nobody would miss them when they died. The only question is, who should be the first to die.
The wolf considers each photograph carefully, judging them. Everyonce in a while, it threw one to the ground. Those ones would wait till later. At one of them, it stops longer than the other. Christopher Robin, what a silly name that was. THen again, it was a fitting name for a silly person. HE really thought he could play detective? That he was the smartest ever? The wolf would show him. SHow him how aweful he really was. It smiled as it flings his portrait to the ground. THis was going to fun. This was going to be a pleasure. It stopped again at the next portait. Alice Bernard. This one didn't seem as bad as all the rest. Perhaps she'd been selected as an accident. The wolf shakes its head as it throws her portrait. Her secrets would reveal themselves in time. Everybody's would, eventually.

And so the wolf continues its work until there were only four photos left in its hand. Fynn Bastion Hikari Dinah. These four are the worst, it thinks. Fynn... he thought he was all mightly and high. He was the living proof of the way power and money corrupted. The wolf hated his kind. The other three, they might have been even worse. Scared of the world around them. Scared of other people. Scared what might happen if they didn't follow they're impulses. Talking to cats... IT was pathetic, really. The wolf discards Fynn's portait. It could deal with him later. Dinah and Bastian's portraits follow suit. Hikari was clearly teh lowest of them all. The others at least made an effort to apear in public.

The wolf smiles as it takes out a knife. This is what it's been waiting for. The thrill of the kill. It pauses as it approaches Hikari. Should it sing a song? That was the way it seemed to go in the mysteries it had seen. The killer always had a iconic nursery rhyme or the like. Something to set it appart.
The wolf shrugs and continues it works. Softly it begins to sing the first thing that come to mind.

I've got your number now...
I know just what've you done...
You got no place to hide....
You got no where to run...
I know your life of crime....
I think it's suppertime

With the last word, the wolf raises the knife and brings it down on Hikari's chest. Red blossoms over her dress. For a moment, the wolf is stunned. IT's done it, It's actually done it! For a moment, it wonders if it should tell someone, but then it realizes something. The world won't be bothered with her death. And if it could kill that useless lowlife, it could kill anyone. The world was its battlefield. IT could "clean" the world.

Quickly the wolf dips its finger into Hikari's blood and writes something on the wall. A warning to the others. And then, The wolf looks up to the sky and laughes. A high out of control of laugh. The laugh of a mad man.

Lets Get This Party Started!


I slowly opened the door and tried to casually walk out. I felt like everyone was watching me, just waiting for me to fall on my face or for me to run out of the store.

"Miss?" I kept walking hoping that wasn't referring to me. "Miss?" I ignored it again before I heard foot steeps. "Miss, please wait just a second." the foot steeps got faster and I started to hurry too before I knew it I was running.

I few out of the store and suddenly a loud alarm started to go off making me panic even more and run faster. Everyone seemed to be staring at me now and it made me nervous. Why did I come here? Why Why Why???!

Glancing over my shoulder, I could see they were getting close so I tried to go somewhere that was really crowded to lose them. It seemed to work and even though I didn't want to, as soon as I was partially out of sight I took my sunglasses, my hat and coat off. Ripped my hair out of it's bun and tried to look away and seem normal.

Taking out my phone I held it up to my ear and pretended to be like anyone else. And it seemed to work.. They stopped and were looking for me as I started to move away. I sighed. Why were they chasing me? I looked down and realized I was still caring the shirt.. So that was why the alarms went off..

I set it down on a table along with the rest of my stuff in case they recognized it and even though I didn't want to, I left it.. My parents could get me a new outfit later.. I went to the bathroom and splashed some water in my face before I looked up and saw a reflection in the mirror...

And that was it.


I heard the alarm go off and shrank down even more. What was that sound??? I looked around before it was turned off and I was glad.. I hated loud noises..

Standing up I looked around and saw that other guy in our group, Kazu or something... He was talking to some people who I think were also with us... I wish we would go to a different store already.

He stood up and it seemed like everyone was going to another store. What good timing! I was going to call out to them before I felt a cloth in front of my face. I thought it was nothing but some cloths until my vision started to blur and I closed my eyes. What... The hell.....


"Ah, geez..." I rubbed the back of my head, "How in the world did we manage to lose so many people already?" I counted on my fingers. Lets see... Ran wasn't here anymore, and when I checked the store to tell Bastion and Hikari we were going, it seems they had already left.. I shrugged. Guess they didn't feel like hanging out..

"Well, where did you want to go next?" None of them really had a preference so we chose a different store. I walked around, but again, it was geared towards a younger age 'oTZ <---feels so old..

I decided to just wait outside this time since I kept getting weird looks caught between "You still shop her :0?" and "Are you their dad o3o?" I took my phone out and was going to try and call Bastion or Hikari to just make sure we hadn't left them somewhere.

Frowning I held my phone up. It said no signal. I started to walk around a bit but still nothing. I kept walking and walking... And walking. Nothing. What kind of mall was this?!

I sighed and put my phone away and looked around where I was. I didn't recognize where I was even though I had been here a bunch of times.. I turned around trying to retrace my steeps before I felt a sharp pain at the back of my head and everything went black.


I blinked awake and sat up with a throbbing head and took in my surroundings. The first thing I saw was a row of desks.. Did I fall asleep in class again? I shook my head. What was I thinking? I'm 26 I hadn't been in this kind of class room for years...

Getting up slowly I made my way to the door and slid it open, the room was dark and as I took as steep I hit something and fell over it "ow.." I heard another moan and tried to see where it came from.

"Hay... Anyone else in here?"


Nah, the person isn't dead.. It's still living (for now...) so I hope this helps the rp :D And if you want to continue farther, you can find Hikari dead if you want (she's the sacrifice ;-; sorry Hika-Chan!!!

Any questions? Sorry my brain kind of exploded during this so sorry if it's not that great..




Sorry I've been kind of neglecting this world ^^U But I talked a little with Stars and I wanted to know what you all think.

Should we stay in the mall a little longer? I can't decide if we should or not, I thought it would be a good place to start so we could get to know everyone's OCs better, buts since not very many people are posting, I was thinking of maybe moving on? I really don't know. What do you all think?


Escaping the torture of socialization


I looked around. Everyone seemed to be...eh,enjoying themselves? Frenchie was being chatted to by that older guy,though she really didn't seem to be enjoying it. I often times found myself enjoying the company of younger kids more than adult my own age,but this group of kids seemed a little....off. They all seemed to have some sort of social problem.

For the first time in my life,I actually felt like spending time with someone my age. But,I knew I wouldn't. If I saw someone I knew,I just knew I'd look like a loser. In fact...I think most people think I'm still in school. Oh well...I guess Frenchie is better than that kid who's afraid of girls,or the one in the big hat. I trotted gleefully over to her,and sat down next to her.

"Heya Frenchie!" I chanted happily. She wouldn't look at me. In fact,she seemed to be pretending I wasn't there.


Torri waz trying to get my attention. I pretended ze wazn't there,and gritted my teeth when ze called me by that nick-name. I could tell that the one I had been talking to earlier,Kazuko,was looking at me,wondering why I wazn't rezponding.

"Aw,you're even more shy than earlier!" Torri zighed. I felt a hope rising in my ztomach that ze wouldn't do anything to embarrazz me,like call me Frenchie again,or put her arm around me.

"She's really not that social,sorry if she's been ignoring you too." I heard Torri zay,obviously directed towardz Kazuko. Maybe I zould go....But I don't have an excuze! Everything in thiz ztore was not my tazte,and everyone waz zure to notice this.... Ahah! I zould zay I waz going to zhe bathroom!

"Uh...excuze me..." I muttered before ztanding up and hurrying away,I went to the nearezt bathroom and waz pleazed to find it empty.